Last Saturday, April 8th, Dinosaur BBQ held a "Yoga and BBQ" event with a local yoga teacher, Sophie Tashkovski.

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Amy Schwartz

The event brought together the community from the dedicated yogi to the Dinosaur BBQ groupie (who has never taken a yoga class to even the curious local).

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Amy Schwartz

With such a successful event centered around both food AND fitness, I learned a lot about how these come together.

Balance IS possible.

Amy Schwartz

Tashkovski shared with me how balance can be hard to find, but it is very possible.

She said, "The best piece of advice is to carve out time for yourself... we do so much, and we don't create space to... rest." 

Anyone can find this balance. She advocates "yoga for everybody and yoga for EVERY body."

Food and fitness are surprisingly similar.

Amy Schwartz

Tashkovski pointed out to me how food and fitness both have the ability to bring people together in unique ways. Pictured above are the new bowls at Dinosaur BBQ which are a lighter take on a classic BBQ meal.

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Amy Schwartz

Pictured above are the new bowls at Dinosaur BBQ which are a lighter take on a classic BBQ meal. They are definitely something to go try! A great addition to the Dinosaur menu.

She said, "...We come together... over meals or alcohol. This is how we socialize. So why not add a healthy component to it? We CAN eat well, we can have wine, but why not add yoga? Then we can do it all."

The event allowed everyone to bask in the endorphins of exercise and then sit down and share a meal together. It was wonderful.

It is important to FEEL good. When you feel better, you eat better.

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Amy Schwartz

Tashkovski shared how after she started practicing yoga seriously, her eating habits shifted. 

pizza, beer, coffee
Amy Schwartz

She said, "I start[ed] to make better choices about what I put into my body. When my body starts to feel better, I think: maybe I should order the salad instead of the french fries."

But, you CAN still have the fries.

Amy Schwartz

Tashkovski finds time to treat herself too!

She says, "Everything in moderation. You have one life to live, and you need to live it well.

Tashkovski is opening her own studio, Syracuse Yoga, in the upcoming weeks!

I highly recommend giving it a try (and then enjoying some delicious BBQ). Find your own personal balance.

Amy Schwartz

Find your own personal balance.