My friends and I complain about the dining halls far too often. However, dining halls are like parents: they get old sometimes, but once you finally part ways, you start to miss them.

I never thought I would be reminiscing over days of carbo-loading and hungover Carson brunches, but the day has finally come and I will truly miss "dorm food." I know I will have trouble parting with the following dining hall treasures:

Hamilton Dining—Grab 'n' Go Marketplace Hummus

Isabel Burton

I've tried them all: Sabra, Pita Pal, Amy's, etc. I can't believe I've been eating such mediocre hummus for over 19 years. The second I saw carrots and hummus in the Grab'n'Go Market, my healthy girl instincts kicked in. I was pleasantly surprised, and now prefer this hummus even over the name brand stuff.

Hamilton Dining—Egg/Tofu Scramble and Home Fries

Isabel Burton

Before college, I never craved a good, hearty egg/tofu scramble. However, following a hard workout at the rec, I've realized that this is the perfect after-workout meal. Truthfully, I always finish the home fries before I can get to actual scramble. They come out piping hot and— when drizzled with siracha— are too hard to resist.

Global Scholars Hall—Pasta Bowls

pasta, spinach
Isabel Burton

GSH pasta bowls are one of the few dorm foods sans the dorm food aftertaste; it's the closest thing to a true, home-cooked meal. My favorites are the pesto and mac'n'cheese bowls. There are loads of toppings to choose from —including carmalized onions, peppers, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes— so it never gets old!

Global Scholars Hall— Fresh Market Cafe Gluten Free Banana Bread

wheat, cookie, chocolate, cake, banana, bread
Isabel Burton

I grew up eating banana bread; my mom whipped up the best batch of banana bread on the block (and would always throw in mini chocolate chips for good measure). I was sure this was the best loaf out there— until I came upon this banana bread, made at a local, gluten-free bakery in Eugene.

Global Scholars Hall— Sesame Balls

Isabel Burton

This decadent dessert is typically served at Chinese restaraunts. However with the swipe of a meal card, students can get it at GSH. I don't know of many other universities with such diversity of food selections—and for that the students here are very lucky.

Global Scholars Hall— Sushi

cake, beer
Isabel Burton
Isabel Burton

GSH sushi (and service) cannot be beat. The staff is always so friendly and the sushi is made fresh every day. My favorites are the tofu spring rolls, bento boxes, and edamame.

Living Learning Center (DUX)— Salad Bar

vegetable, salad
Isabel Burton

The first few weeks in the dining halls were overwhelming: maneuvering the dining hall swipe system and discovering my favorite meals. But after two weeks of bread bowls, cheesy artichoke dips, and chocolate chip scones, all I wanted was a salad. LLC salads are simple and filling, with endless combinations. The Southwest Salad is one of my favorites.

Living Learning Center (DUX) and Barnhart Housing— Oatmeal

pork, rice
Isabel Burton

This oatmeal, served both at LLC and Barnhart, puts my microwave oats to shame. It sits in a huge, insulated slow cooker and simmers for hours, which is the key to making good oatmeal. My favorite combination is peanut butter, flax, raisins, bananas, cinnamon, and nutmeg, but there are plenty of other ways to upgrade your oatmeal game as well.

Living Learning Center (DUX)— Chocolate Muffins

muffin, butter, peanut, cupcake, peanut butter, chocolate
Isabel Burton

My friends and I have concluded that this muffin has to exceed 1,000 calories. It's one of those foods that sits in your stomach even days after you've consumed it. But it's so irresistible, therefore worth the calories and the occasional food coma.

Dorm Hack— For The Avocado Toast-Lovers

salad, cheese, vegetable, tomato, guacamole, avocado
Isabel Burton

Most of the dining halls on campus sell whole avocadoes. LLC also carries bagels, while in other dining halls you can just ask for plain toast. Either way, avocado toast can almost always be constructed. Getting tired of dorm food after second term? We've all been there. Avocado toast, with a siracha drizzle, is the perfect solution to mixing up your meal options.

*Not featured: Carson pizza and pasta night

Carson is the conventional "one-swipe-eat-all" dining hall. While I would never go there to get a piece of fruit or side salad, whenever my friends and I want to get together for a long, communal meal, this is the place to go. Carson pizza and pasta nights are a must.

To the incoming freshman: you will complain like we all did, but even months after your freshman year comes to an end, you will find yourself craving thick-cut Hamilton home fries and longing for one more Carson pizza night.

Goodbye dorm food, you will be missed.

sauce, tea, beer
Isabel Burton