There is a plethora of delicious places to spend your food points, but have you ever wondered which Duke eatery suits you best? Here is the definitive list of which on-campus restaurant you should eat at, based on your major.


All of your classes are on science drive anyway, so you may as well grab a bite to eat with your fellow pre-meds at Twinnies!

Computer Science–The Loop

Staying up into the wee hours of the morning to perfect your code? The Loop is the perfect place to get your tasty, late-night eats.

Cultural Anthropology–Il Forno

With its prime location in West Union (not to mention tasty pizza), Il Forno is the perfect Duke restaurant to people watch–erm, observe other cultures. 

Economics–The Commons

The future is bright for the young economics major, and it's bound to be filled with business lunches and networking. Why not get a head start by FLUNCHing some of your well-connected professors?

Engineering–Joe Van Gogh

You thought I was going to say Twinnies, didn't you? Let's be real, if you're a Pratt star you don't have enough time to eat (or sleep) anyway. Joe Van Gogh is the perfect place to get your caffeine fix. 


Grinding out another twelve-page paper? You're going to need a comfy chair, some food, and a lot of coffee. Vondy is the best Duke eatery for the aspiring English major.

Public Policy–Au Bon Pain

Coffee, carbs, and sugar? ABP has everything you need, whether you're pulling another late night to write a research paper or meeting with friends for an election watch party.

Religious Studies–Div Cafe

Whether a religious studies major or not, there is one thing every Duke student can agree on–Div Cafe's tomato soup and grilled cheese is a holy experience.

There's no argument that food is Duke is good, after all we've been ranked 1st for "Best Colleges for Food in America" for two straight years. With such busy schedules though, it's easy to get stuck in a cycle of eating at the same few eateries on a rotating basis. Next time you feel you want to change things up, look to this list to find the best food that will also suit your academic personality!