On our drive to the Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse, I realized we were all pretty unclear on what cider was. It isn't just the medium between coolers and wine? Actually, we didn't even know what to call the place - Cider brewery? Cidery? Ciderhouse? To resolve this misconception, Sea Cider in Victoria offers cider tastings; a chance to sample their huge selection of locally made ciders.

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Tulsa Williams

When I think of cider I used to think “sour apple juice,” so I didn’t know what to expect from 9 different samples.

There are three options for your tasting: a flight of three ciders of your choice, or a set assortment of six or nine. Nine glasses, the “long flight,” must be shared between two or more people. At first we took the warning lightly. Nonetheless, we ordered two long flights between five of us. Only three glasses deep and we realized why sharing is mandatory.

The glasses are generous. Very generous.

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Riley Sun

The actual differences between ciders was astounding. All of the samples were distinctly different. Some were amazing, others I probably won't be ordering anytime soon. The huge variety means there's something for everyone. 

Before this experience, the terms "soft astringency" and "gentle effervescence" meant nothing to me. They were just terms people made up to sound posh. Actually, I still don't know what they mean, but around the third sample, we began using pretentious descriptive terms of our own. 

And wait...there's food!

Thankfully, they also serve food. It was half way through when we realized we hadn’t eaten all day. The bread and assorted dip came as a god sent. With dip options like smoked salmon, sun-dried tomato hummus, and artichoke there's no going wrong. Every dip was amazing; it was hard to choose a favourite. It felt like we couldn’t physically eat the bread fast enough.

Riley Sun

I have never felt more like a wealthy house wife than I did sipping cider after cider on a Sunday afternoon.

The interior of the farm house is clean and rustic. Apart from our own laughing, it's quiet and relaxed. Just ask all the couples there trying to enjoy their Sunday date. 

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Riley Sun

See for yourself

The cider tasting is an overall great experience if you're also very unsure what real cider is, it'll clear that up, or if you ever happen to find your self in Saanichton, the middle of nowhere. Or if you want to get kind of tipsy for around $10 in the middle of the day. All very valid reasons to visit Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse.