Not feeling ice cream or gelato in -30 degree Ottawa weather? Don't stress, Sweet Jesus has a pretty sweet selection (see what I did there?) of warm and cozy drinks to sip on while you hide from the brutal weather outside.

Sweet Jesus is known for their over the top soft serve flavours and presentation.

It erupted on social media especially in the summer of 2016, and every respectable food lover in Toronto/Ottawa had to have it on their Instagram feed.

tea, coffee, beer
Olivia Faria

It's pretty bittersweet -- being an ice cream lover in a place like Canada that has a solid six months of icy winters. No disrespect, I totally agree that it's never too cold for ice cream but there are those days you just want to be inside, warming up with a nice hot chocolate.

Luckily, Sweet Jesus does both! We decided to check them out, and these were some of our favourites:

S'mores Hot Chocolate

chocolate, milk
Magda Knyszynski

If you're a chocolate lover, welcome to s'mores heaven. Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate sauce sit atop a milk hot chocolate. 

coffee, cake
Olivia Faria

And as if that isn't enough to get you drooling, they make sure to perfectly torch your marshmallows so you get that perfect campfire consistency and smoky flavour.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Hot Chocolate

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Olivia Faria

Chances are if you're allergic to nuts, you'll risk it for this ingenious combination. This take on hot chocolate is creamy (peanut butter) with a hint of crunchy (pretzel) and is a great level up to your hot chocolate game.

Vegan Coconut Hot Chocolate

cappuccino, milk, chocolate, espresso, tea, coffee
Olivia Faria

That's right. Sweet Jesus even came up with a way to both make delicious hot chocolate and be diet-restrictive inclusive af. The difference is the vegan chocolate base that they use -- it's made without any animal-based products therefore vegan-friendly.

We even got to have a little taste of it and it was so rich and delicious to eat on its own.

tea, milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Olivia Faria

Who doesn't love a coconut + chocolate combo (that's vegan)? This clash tastes like a cuddle on a cold, snowy day. Don't question it, it just does.

coffee, beer
Magda Knyszynski

So, if the Canadian winter is starting to get to you (it should, it's the coldest month of the year), you should be getting to Sweet Jesus to curl up with one of these great versions of the classic hot chocolate.