Trying to save a dollar in Toronto while still eating good is easier than it sounds. The city is filled to the brim with cheap eats and these days, most restaurants offer up some pretty dope plant-based options. Check out these five spots for budget-friendly, yet super satisfying vegan meals in Toronto.

1. Apiecalypse Now!

The pizza here is so good, we’ve written an entire feature on it. Possibly the best vegan pies in Toronto, and the prices can’t be beat. Slices run for under $5, and come loaded with a variety of hearty toppings. 

2. Simit & Chai Co.

This Turkish bakery and cafe serves up street-style baked bagels that you can cop plain for $2 or with fillings for around $6. “The Vegan” comes slathered with fava bean puree, olive paste and cucumbers making the dish filling enough for lunch. The turkish coffee here runs for $3.50 and is steller — made strong and served in colourful china.

3. Karine's

Known for cheap, vegetarian all-day-breakfast, this spot is a student favourite. Breakfast prices start as low as $5 and most menu items cap at around $11, with tons of vegan choice. You’ll want to check out Karine’s if plant-based pancakes and french-toast are your thing.

4. Buddha's Vegetarian Foods

If you’re looking for Chinese food that will fill your stomach without emptying your wallet, go no further than Buddha’s. Located in Kensington Market, this spot is fully vegetarian with a wide selection of healthy vegan options. Most main dishes here run for around $8-$9. 

5. Pita Land

With multiple locations around the city open until 4 am, Pita Land is your best bet for late night dining on a budget. This spot offers a falafel pita that you can cram full with hummus, tahini and all your favourite veggies. You’ll spend less than $8 on your wrap and it’s more than enough to fill you up.

Next time you're hungry around Toronto, skip your go-to fast food spot. There's enough cheap, vegan choices around the city to satisfy every hungry soul!