Copping a vegan slice from your standard pizza place never quite hits the spot. Minimal veggie toppings on cheese-less saucy crust makes for a sub-par meal at best. If you're looking for vegan pizza in Toronto, thank the heavens because there is a savior: Apiecalypse Now!, an entirely plant-based spot satisfying your pizza dreams. 

What It's Like

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Sorcha Beirne

You can find Apiecalypse Now! way down Bloor West. It's a pretty small spot with bar stools and a counter to eat at, and is probably better suited for take-away though sitting for a quick bite is groovy too. When I was devouring my pizza, there were some great tunes in the background, and the place was pretty peaceful for a Friday afternoon.

What's On the Menu

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Sorcha Beirne

If you're just looking for a slice or two on their own, there's a rotation of six pizzas at the counter to choose from. If a couple slices doesn't cut it, order from their selection of full pies. Keep it classic with the Pepperphony, topped with vegan pepperoni and mozzarella, or order one of their more adventurous choices like the BBQ Buffalover (pictured above on the left). This baby is decked out with soy curls, ranch dressing and of course, BBQ sauce.

For sides, you've got options like vegan poutine, cheesy garlic bread and deep-fried tator tots piled sky high with nacho toppings. On your way out, grab a deep fried "mars" bar or a famous homemade donut.

How Does It Taste?

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Sorcha Beirne

The pizza I ate at Apiecalypse Now! could be the best piece of pizza I've ever eaten. I tried their slice of the month, the Million Dollar Birthday Fries (pictured above), which came topped with french fries, veggie chili, sour cream and cheese sauce. It's creamy and crunchy, and the sauces totally sold it. The crust is not too thick, not too thin and perfectly crispy. My non-vegan friends both tried the BBQ Buffalover and absolutely loved it. They said the faux meat and melty cheese were completely believable and could have had them fooled.

My only complaint about this little spot is the lack of delivery service, forcing me to travel halfway across Toronto to get my pizza fix. But with flavour like that, for $4.25 a slice, it's worth it. Next time you're searching for a cheap bite in Toronto, skip your go-to delivery service and trek down to Apiecalypse Now!—it'll restore your faith in vegan pizza.