Since many millennials have gone vegan, Ian's has taken the pledge to accommodate them. On Monday nights, Ian's Pizza by the Slice sells vegan pies alongside all their classics. The pies look and almost taste exactly the same as the real deal. Our friends at Ian's have spent years creating hand-crafted pies that are 100% dairy-free, 100% meatless, but 100% irresistible. No matter what diet you may be following, be sure to head over to State or Frances, and upgrade your Monday night with Ian's vegan pizza.

How Vegan Pies Are Made

Emily Cohen

Ian's uses Daiya dairy-free cheese products to give you the same, cheesy Wisconsin experience that you get from the classic slice. Additionally, they use all vegan sauces like marinara, cream, and pesto. 

Amazingly, our friends at Ian's even came up with the perfect recipe for walnut sausage. This walnut sausage has the similar crumbly texture of ground meat. It is super flavorful and irresistible. Of course, many of the vegan pies are topped with tons of veggies for optimal flavor and nutrition. 

Spoon Wisco Experience

Emily Cohen

When our friends at Ian's (Adam and Zach) first brought out the pizzas, we all looked at each other and thought: How could this be vegan? Each pizza looked like the real deal. We started with samples of the plain and a mac and cheese pies, then went on to the cheesy potato and penne marinara. We finished with the penne alfredo and veggie pizza topped with vegan sausage. 

The only difference in taste between the vegan and regular options is the cheese. The texture is pretty much the same (the vegan one may even be meltier), while the taste is slightly distinct. 

Vegan Nights

Sarah Arora

Vegan night at Ian's is held every Monday night from 5-8pm at both the Frances and State Street locations. The vegan pies are baked fresh, displayed, and reheated by the slice for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to upgrade your Monday night with Ian's vegan pizza. 

Even when it's not Vegan Night at Ian's, you can call in advance to have a pie personally made for you. When you're coming in, just call either location and let the super cool employees know that you'd like a vegan pizza. 

Feeling adventurous? Even if you're not vegan, Ian's encourages you to try their vegan options. Why try just one signature, hand-crafted pie when you can try them all?