The Big E is something New Englanders look forward to all year. The exposition features food from all of the New England states, typical fair foods, and some crazy food combinations. With all of the options it can be overwhelming to decide what to eat. Bring some friends with you to share all of the delicious food and get ready to eat.  

Maine Baked Potato

Dianna DelPrete

Some people come to the Big E just for the baked potato in the Maine pavilion. They offer different toppings, so don't be afraid to load up. The line for these is always out the door so be prepared to wait. If you don't feel like waiting, the Connecticut pavilion also has a great potato with a shorter line.

Kettle Corn

caramel, wheat, kettle corn, cereal, corn, popcorn
Stephanie Marchuk

They sell kettle corn throughout the fair grounds, but the best one by far is in the back of the New Hampshire state house. They make the popcorn fresh all day and only put it in a bag when you order it. They serve it to you warm and it has the perfect ratio of sweet to salty. 

Craz-E Burger

Taylor Burke

The Craz-E burger is one of the foods you can only get at the Big E. It's a cheeseburger topped with bacon and served on a warm glazed donut. The sweetness from the donut balances with the savory hamburger and bacon and makes this taste like a decked out breakfast sandwich. 

Cream Puffs

Dianna DelPrete

You can't miss the signs pointing to the bakery where you can buy Big E cream puffs and eclairs. Even though you can buy these at most bakeries, the ones at the Big E are bigger and better. The recipe for the cream puffs hasn't changed in over 10 years so you know these are keepers. 

These are just some of the highlights of what the Big E has to offer. You can find almost any kind of food at the hundreds of restaurants and food trucks. Make sure you show up hungry and enjoy some of the best foods New England has to offer.