Ice cream is as much of a UD staple as dages and rainy tuesdays, but I'd say being known for ice cream is the best rep of all. UDairy Creamery is usually the first option to come to mind, stocked in the pods located around campus and in every dining hall. If you dig a little deeper, there is also Woodside Farms. When pinning the two most popular options against each other, UDairy vs Woodside, it can be hard to choose a favorite. While neither of them are going anywhere, and you can love them both equally, here is what you can consider when choosing a favorite or just figuring out where to go. 

If You Like New Flavors: UDairy 

UDairy's list of flavors seems to grow every year. Every blue hen had their first introduction to, or possibly return to, UDairy during freshman year NSO. Now we know that the list extends far beyond the small cart options, giving up a truck full of flavors from Delaware River Mud Pie to Grandma's Gone Coco-nuts. Alum Joe Biden is always sure to double fist a cone of his favorite UDairy flavors

If You Like The Classic: Woodside

Woodside offers the flavors that even your grandparent would recognize, like cookies & cream or butter pecan. They keep it current with bacon ice cream and daily creations, but overall their menu is the kind of flavors that make you feel at home and even a bit nostalgic. This alone could put the UDairy vs Woodside debate to bed for your parents. 

If You Want to Feel Like a Townie: Woodside

Anyone that I've personally associated with, and whose grown up near campus, swears their loyalty to Woodside. It's the place their families brought them to growing up, perfect to watch the cows and enjoy the shade, and the place they continue to go to any chance they get. While I may never be a townie, the ice cream side of being one isn't half bad.

If You Want a Lot More Than Ice Cream: UDairy

UDairy's Wilmington location is there for you when you realize you shouldn't have ice cream for dinner again. Grab a burger or grilled cheese at the shop for under $10 prior to your waffle cone. On top of that, the Newark location's premium coffee and cookies are great sides or additions to your ice cream. When it comes to UDairy vs Woodside, UDairy has a category of its own for its extra treats. 

If You Feel Like a Scenic Drive: Woodside

Going straight from campus to Woodside gives you just about the best scenic ride you could ask for. Your excitement for the ice cream will build up as you pass dense trees and quieter roads. It's a small escape from the hectic ways of campus, with bonus views if you take the twisty backroads. 

If You Don't Have a Car: UDairy

Having a bus run all day to the Creamery is really what UD should be advertising to potential students. The bus stop right outside of UDairy is a prime location to just hop off and grab a cone. Nothing beats convenience in college and UDairy has that, especially with the Moo Mobile rolling up when you least expect it.  

Voted Best Ice Cream in DE By Insider: Woodside

Both and listed Woodside as the best ice cream spot in Delaware. Considering the size of our lovely state, it could be just because it was the first ice cream option they stumbled on, or they could be true believers of the Woodside magic. Either way, Woodside deserves that spot twice over.

There really is no need to choose a favorite ice cream shop, unless you're willing to possibly cut ties over some tasty treats, but it can be hard to decide on which one to go to. Both constantly have lines out the door and great service once you're up front. I tend to favor Woodside, but I'd gladly accept a UDairy gift card anytime. Feel free to taste test each place as many times as you'd like until you come to a conclusion. Luckily, you can't go wrong with ice cream at UD.