Curious about MOD Pizza coming to Main Street? Me too. I met with the owner to get the inside scoop on this new shop. Opening it's doors on December 2nd, UD has some high expectations. Here's what I learned and why MOD may just be your new go-to spot.

The Backstory

Founded in 2008 by a growing family in Seattle, MOD was the answer to all of their concerns. They thought that there was no use for another pizza parlor, and instead wanted to create a restaurant with not only quick and affordable meals, but with exceptional service and a culture for employees to grow.

Liz Dubin

The Brand

Skimming over their wensite, you notice how MOD truly cares about their food and the extent to how happy it will make their customers. They incorporate their brand name into many phrases such as "spreading MODness", referring to "if we take care of our employees, they'll take care of you, and our business will take care of itself." 

Other expressions include "join the MOD squad" and "MOD in the news". These are just a few of their many marketing skills to get the public to not only enjoy the food, but enjoy the quality of the brand – ultimately creating a relationship with the customer to have them coming back in the future. The employees (aka the MOD squad) are well taken care of, and in return, make positive changes in the lives of the communities they serve.

MOD even created their very own blog about the experiences shared by customers, personal stories from their journey and more. 

The Menu

MOD phrases it as, "simple menu and endless options", which sounds just about right being that one can create a personal pizza with a choice of over 30 toppings. 

Tired of customizing? Their classic menu consists of their top 10 combinations of pizza. Their featured and chef-inspired pizza for the fall time is the 'KANE', consisting of red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, spinach, red onion, gorgonzola and sweet hot peppers. For the healthy hens out there, MOD also offers a range of salad combos and even allows the customer to create their own. 

The Debate

Many must be fascinated about how MOD pizza and our beloved Snap pizza will compete in the near future. At both MOD and Snap, you create your own specialized pizzas or order one of their specialty pies. So, how will you choose between these two almost identical pizza places on Main Street? Will loyal customers stay with Snap, go back and forth between the two, or switch entirely over to MOD? May your tastebuds put it to the test.