UC Berkeley is popular for its large number of restaurants around campus. Northside may have its own street of foodie goodness, but nothing beats the plentitude on Southside. Nestled in the heart of Southside is the renowned Asian Ghetto, a small square of restaurants of many tastes. The name doesn't give away much to what it offers, so I decided to quickly review it and break it down for you:

Gypsy's Trattoria Italiano 

cheese, beer
Kimberly Kao

Perhaps the most famous Italian place around, Gypsy's serves heaping amounts of warm, cheesy pasta. While the Godfather's Favorite is a classic dish all must try, there's a large selection of pastas to choose from. If you're bringing a crowd, this is the place to go – there's a dish for everyone.

Thai Basil Cuisine 

sauce, carrot, seafood, rice, pasta, vegetable
Luna Zhang

Berkeley has an infamous number of Thai restaurants, but Thai Basil is one of the more popular ones. Thai Basil will cover about two meal's worth for about $6 to $8. Make sure to carry some money in your pocket since they only accept cash.

Pancho's Mexican Grill 

coffee, beer
Kimberly Kao

Burritos are by far some of the best-tasting and most convenient foods to grab and go when you're a college student, especially when you are running up and down hills at UC Berkeley. Pancho's is open until 2:30 am to make sure you have something to eat, even after late night classes and meetings.

Best California Gyros

Kimberly Kao

Gyros are similar to burritos, but are made with flatbread and come from the Mediterranean. With meat and veggies right off the grill, one bite of the gyros will leave you feeling satisfied. 

Steve's Korean BBQ

cheese, pizza, beer
Kimberly Kao

From 11 am to 11 pm, Steve's Korean BBQ is a great stop for some classic rice and meat with various sides, such as kimchi and beansprouts. The BBQ beef is one of their most popular choices. If you have cravings for some Korean BBQ, this place will satisfy them.

Katsumi Sushi

Kimberly Kao

If you're craving some sushi or udon for less than $10, Katsumi Sushi offers a variety of both. This is the place to go if you're craving sushi.

Bear's Ramen House 

Kimberly Kao

Every college student resorts to cup ramen at some point in his or her life, but if you want some higher quality ramen be sure to visit Bear's Ramen House. It also has different noodles, stir-fry, and other Korean dishes. Ditch the cup and come for the bowl. 

Mandarin House 

Kimberly Kao

Mandarin House is known for its noodles, dumplings, and assortment of Chinese foods. One of its most common dishes is the chow mein. Give this place a visit when you have your Chinese takeout cravings. 

King Pin Donuts

barbecue, sushi, takoyaki, meat
Jocelyn Hsu

Moving on to the sweets, King Pin Donuts has your 9 am to 2 am donuts cravings covered. It has a decently large variety of donuts, ranging from a classic chocolate donut with sprinkles to a salty and sweet maple bacon donut. 

Boba Ninja 

Kimberly Kao

Walking around the dorms at midnight? Need a quick drink? Want savory snacks, like popcorn chicken for a low price? Stop by Boba Ninja, a boba place with sweet boba made so quickly you'll be in and out of the door before you know it. 

Sweetheart Café 

milk, coffee, tea
Emma Davis

Right around the corner of King Pin Donuts is Sweetheart Café, another boba place in Berkeley. This is probably one of the less expensive places, ranging from $2 to $4 per drink. It also made our list for first date places, so maybe you'll meet a special someone here. 

Whatever your cravings or needs are, Asian Ghetto is a diverse square that can fulfill them. Stop by and check out which places and dishes are your favorite!