The subway system in New York City is known for many things. Bad smells, loud busy stations, and hot, overcrowded trains. What if I told you there is a subway station in New York City that not only avoids all the bad subway stereotypes, but also has a Starbucks? This does exist and is an underground market in the 59th St-Columbus Circle subway station known as Turnstyle Underground Market. Not only does it have a Starbucks, but it has over 30 eateries, shops and special pop-up stores. Now that I've got you intrigued, let's take a look at some of the amazing food they have to offer, all in an underground subway station!


Who would've guessed that a subway station could have some of the trendiest food options around NYC. Some of these trendy options include Doughnuttery, Chick N Cone, and 16 Handles. At Doughnuttery you can grab cute mini fried doughnuts that are the perfect grab and go snack. Chick N Cone is a new take on chicken in waffles which features popcorn chicken in a waffle cone with syrup and a variety of flavors. At 16 Handles, you can cool down with some frozen yogurt or grab some of the trendy new mochi balls. No matter what you are in the mood for, Turnstyle is sure to have something for you. As an added bonus, since all the places are trendy and cute, there are plenty of opportunities for an Insta pic. 


If the amazing food options haven't already convinced you to check out Turnstyle, don't worry because there still is more! There are also tons of Instagrammable and unique drink options. Some include The Pressed Juicery, Panda Bubble Tea, and obviously Starbucks! If you haven't already heard of The Pressed Juicery they are all about affordable, delicious and healthy juices. Panda Bubble Tea is a mix of American and Asian culture with funky drink flavors like Nutella, taro, and red bean and toppings like boba and lychee. 


As if this place couldn't get any better, Turnstyle also features a bunch of little shops and trendy pop-up stores. The list includes, Mulberry and Grand jewelry, Elf cosmetics, and LUSH bath products. With stores, food, and drinks Turnstyle has everything you need for the perfect shopping experience. The best part is you won't even realize you're in the subway!