Lush is a cruelty-free and organic brand. They fight animal testing, provide fresh cosmetics, are 100% vegetarian, and all of their products are handmade. The cutest part about their products is that on every product the company provides a sticker of the person who made it in cartoon form along with their name. I recommend watching the Lush how-to videos on YouTube to see how all the products are used. This is a great way to try DIY projects. 

Lush sells a wide range of products from face masks to shampoo bars. They have trendy, yet different, products that you don’t see at normal stores. Lush also has excellent customer service. Walking into the store, the workers pretty much come running up to you, offering you testers of lotions, scrubs, and other fun products. Here are five reasons why Lush is seriously the best.

1. Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Ocean salt is a blue color with a salty consistency. The scrub can be used all over the body and even as an acne scrub or polish. The scrub really does taste like the ocean so make sure you don't get it in your mouth! The scrub is not too abrasive and can be used every other shower and especially before shaving. Follow up with dream cream which is a thick lotion to lock in all the moisture from the scrub.

2. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs started at Lush and are now becoming trendy in other stores as well! Since Lush started the original fizzy bath experience, it's safe to say they do it best. These bath bombs come in many different colors and scents! If you're lucky, there will be hidden items inside like flowers or glitter to make your bath more relaxing and colorful. When putting the bath bomb under the water it instantly fizzes and turns your bath different colors (as you can see in the video above). 

3. Cosmetics

Lush just recently started offering cosmetics in its stores. From lip stains to nail polish, and even eyeliner, Lush has mastered a natural look with a healthy glow. My favorite are the chapsticks, which come in many different colors! The chapstick is very exfoliating and leaves a natural sheen on the lips, which is pictured above and tastes like strawberries.

4. Masks

Lush has a multitude of face masks for all different types of skin. Whether you have acne prone skin or oily skin, Lush has got you covered for the perfect spa night in with your girlfriends! Mask of Magnaminty is the perfect exfoliant for scrubbing away stubborn and heavy makeup. The mask instantly breaks down makeup and helps with drying skin to exfoliate all the dead skin off, leaving your face feeling smooth and soft! Oh, and your face will smell minty and feel cold. Follow up with your favorite moisturizers, serums, and creams and be off to bed. I love Skin Drink for a facial moisturizer!

5.  Lip Scrub

 My favorite item sold at Lush are their lip scrubs. They come in different flavors that appeal to all age groups. I love the mint julep scrub, which makes my lips all tingly and soft. Follow up with Honey Trap lip balm and you are good to go.

If you are feeling like a spa night in, make sure to follow these steps and hit up Lush to try all these amazing products!