When searching “moisturizer” on Google, one is bombarded with over thirty-six million results, which pretty much sums up looking for that perfect face cream. One can only dream for a combination tailor-made to your skin type, but many of us spend and spend to only throw out the four ounce bottle a month later. And so begins an endless cycle of waltzing into Sephora or Target and walking out not feeling entirely confident in the purchase you just made. Reviews and ratings only go so far - you’re the only one who lives with your skin and truly knows how something will react to it.

So while I can’t promise this moisturizer will work for everyone, I do know the trials of of trying to find something that not only works, but lasts. I’ve used the same face wash, scrub, and cleansing water for years without fail, but moisturizer? Luck hasn’t been on my side in that step of my skincare routine. After trying drug-store and high-end, I’ve landed somewhere in-between with everyone’s favorite au naturale brand: Lush.

Known most for their Instagram-friendly bath bombs, Lush also sells everything from shampoo bars that smell like toffee to a tooth cleanser made out of green tea powder and all the necessary cosmetic products in-between. You won’t see any buyer’s remorse from me coming out of this colorful, fresh-smelling cornucopia.

Especially when carrying Skin Drink in my bag: the moisturizer that will probably change your (skin’s) life. I know it’s changed my skin for the better. The avocado, aloe vera, and rose petal extract feels like a pillowy cloud seeping into your skin, giving it a smooth texture and a hydrating feel all day. A little goes a long way, so while paying a bit more for only 1.5 ounces may feel like a splurge, it’ll last you months and most importantly - it actually does its job.

Whether you have combination skin, dry skin that reds and peels the second you step outside, or oily skin that needs a matte touch, Skin Drink is your saving grace. The best part? It works all four seasons. No one wants to cake on a heavy moisturizer when it’s ninety degrees out, so the cooling aloe is just the ingredient you need. Yet in the winter, it’s imperative to have a product that can handle the harsh cold and this moisturizer has the magic touch for the upcoming months. 

So look no further for the moisturizer that does it all, Lush’s Skin Drink is the addition to your skincare regime that might just change the game. I swear by this product now. And I no longer wander aimlessly in the cosmetic aisles of stores or read reviews online until my eyeballs ache. As Drake would say, this is the moisturizer that will take your skin from 0 to 100 real quick this winter, so stock up and brave the cold knowing your skin is in good hands.