Before telling you about Toastea, I have to admit that I have only recently become a heavy tea drinker. But, I was never an avid coffee drinker either. I only drank it on Sundays and not just any coffee, but my grandmother's Vietnamese coffee.

Honestly, tea never really interested me until two years ago when I became ill and began researching all the health benefits of tea. Since then I have been obsessed with all the ways it boosts your immune system and takes away the stresses of the day.

So when I saw that Toastea - a new tea and dessert shop opened in my neighborhood, I had to try them on their Grand Opening Day. 

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Jessi Jordan

The Tea

They have an amazing selection of whole, loose leaf teas and every variety is blended in-house and then brewed in small batches.

They also serve honey boba that is delicious AF. They slow cook the boba every 90 minutes and serve it fresh. Most boba tea shops serve you leftover boba, which, if you have ever had a hard piece of boba come up in your straw, you now know why. They do not do that at Toastea and it makes a BIG difference you can taste.

My favorite flavors are the strawberry, the passion fruit and the too-die-for Frosty Milk Boba Tea with "Salted" Caramel Pudding. Order it. #TRUST

The Toasts

Their toasts are not just any old slice of bread. They take a 1.5" thick slice of Japenese sweet white milk bread, butter it, and toast it to perfection - then top it with your choice of housemade toppings. I indulged in their caramel apple pie and I nearly had an orgasm because I did not expect it to be that damn good.

They also have a Spicy Churro toast made with real Mexican chocolate with just a hint of heat that I must try on my next visit. If Matcha is your thing, order your toast with their smooth and creamy matcha jam (made with 100% Japanese imported matcha)

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Jessi Jordan

Stunned by what I tasted there, I had to ask one of the owners, Amir Ganaba, what was REALLY up and he told me that his sister Sima is a former sous chef at Pelican Hill and developed these original toasts for Toastea.

"YES! I knew I was right." I both thought and said out loud. I just knew from one bite that there was an expert palate behind these toasts and teas. Yes, I feel vindicated. Thanks for asking.

Amir, Alice Zhao (who runs the day to day operations) and Scott Maier had been roommates for 5 years since they graduated college at USC and have been working on the concept for just as long, and finally, their dreams have come true.

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Jessi Jordan

The Ambiance

I didn't know what to expect when coming to Toastea, but what I found a was a delightful little oasis in the heart of DTLA. And that is completely by the owners' design. They even built a neat little indoor park that gives busy Los Angelenos a place to sit down, relax, and enjoy a good cup of tea.

Do your mouth a favor and head to Toastea, like now.