Feldman’s is an amazing bagel place located on the South Side of Burlington, on Pine Street.  With a great space, delicious bagels, and Speeder and Earl’s coffee what more could you possibly want?  Feldman’s has ridiculously good bagels, sandwiches, soups, and everything else from infinity and beyond.  Next time you’re craving a good bagel, try Feldman’s, if you’re still unsure here are the top seven reasons why:

1. Their Crazy Delicious Bagels

Photo by Jennifer Nigro

Feldman’s is pretty much the NYC bagel you can buy in Burlington.  They are what some even call “True Bagels.”  This is because Feldman’s makes their bagels the old fashioned way.

Not only does Feldman’s offer the typical bagel and cream cheese options but they have some crazy good house sandwiches too, along with the create your own option.  Their Lox sandwich is amazing, and their BLT comes with avocado and that on a toasted poppy seed bagel is pretty much heaven on earth.

2. Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Photo courtesy of chatpdx.org

Hands down one of the best things about Feldman’s is their bathrooms.  I personally will use whichever stall is open first, but sometimes things can be a bit awkward when you come out, this eliminates that nicely.

3. Family Owned Business

Photo courtesy of facebook.com

Feldman’s is a family owned and operated business.  It’s run by the father- daughter team of Roy and Maddy, and they’ve been up and running for three years.  Roy had previously owned the Burlington Bagel Bakery, which he opened in 1979. The store was successful enough to open a second location, and he ran both for nine years.  Now he runs Feldman’s with his daughter Maddy.

4. The Soups

Photo courtesy of facebook.com

Every day Feldman’s offers fresh Chicken Matzo Ball Soup, and it’s mother Feldman’s home recipe.  Pretty much God’s gift to Earth.  In addition they also offer an additional soup that’s different almost everyday, for example the one pictured above is a delicious Southwestern Butter Bean Soup.

5. The 1/2 Priced Dozen Deal

Photo courtesy of j-14.com

If you’re broke like me; trust me this is how you’ll survive, everyday for the last two hours before closing Feldman’s offers half priced dozens.  Also, at Feldman’s a dozen is a baker’s dozen which means you actually get 13 bagels.  So if you come at roughly around 2:00pm- 4:00pm you could get 13 bagels for a mere $4.25.

6. Bialys

Photo courtesy of facebook.com

Bialys are similar to bagels, but I swear twice as good.  They’re chewy like a bagel but instead of boiling the dough before baking, as you would with a bagel, they are simply baked.  In addition instead of a hole a Bialy has a depression.  Keeping with their authentic NYC feel, they offer Bialys every morning.

7.Their Cream Cheese Selection

Photo courtesy of imgflip.com

I’m not the most adventurous bagel eater.  I have a few basic orders, and yes one of them is plain on plain, but just a few seconds in Feldman’s made me shameful for my lack of bagel experience.  They have everything from bacon scallion, to  Maple, to Veggie, even offering Toffuti- a vegan cream cheese.  They pretty much have it all.