You've just snagged a date with your dream boat (congrats) and you're in a bit of a pickle deciding where to go? As Rihanna says, "we found love in a hopeless place," we're here to remove the hopeless. If you just scored a date, need to take a family member out for a meal close to U of T or even just need to get dinner with a friend, don't fret, Spoon's got you covered with these top 8 date places in the Toronto Annex.

1. Hey Lucy - 440 Bloor Street West (Multiple Locations)

chocolate, truffle, cream
Sarah Katz

Now let's talk Hey Lucy. This is a chain restaurant, the more infamous and decorative location being down on King Street West. The Annex location, however, is just as sweet & lively. This spot prides itself on pizza, but I have to say what sold me was the mac & cheese balls (pictured above). These were just to die for, and Hey Lucy offers an array of appetizers and options for your eating pleasure. 

2. Futures Bistro - 483 Bloor Street West

chicken, chips
Sarah Katz

Futures is an adorable little spot right at the corner of Bloor & Brunswick. This place is great for whatever you're craving, brunch, lunch, dinner, sides & fries and even dessert. My recommendation? Grab a slice of their delectable cheesecakes and share it between you and the new love interest. They're pretty delicious and you'll get your fair share of people watching if the conversation is at a lull.

#SpoonTip: Check them out in the warmer weather too, their outdoor seating is refreshing on a nice summer evening.

3. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria - 386 Bloor Street West

pizza, chicken, sauce
Sarah Katz

Whenever I start to think of Famoso, my mouth just starts to water. Their pizzas are just phenomenal and a definite go-to of mine in the city. It is quite the fan favorite and an easy people pleaser, so if you don't really know much about your date's tastes then I would say Famoso is a safe bet. Any type of pizza under the sun, they've got.

4. Insomnia - 563 Bloor Street West

wine, beer
Sarah Katz

As mentioned in my brunch article, Insomnia is a great spot for all your dining needs. They've got cocktails, they've got savory, they've got sweet; pretty much anything you want. Insomnia has a great atmosphere and is quite a cozy spot, perfect for this gust of sweater weather and cozying up to someone new. It's just about perfect for those first date nerves or a nice meal out with a pal. Fun fact: I took my friend from the US for her first legal drink here - got to love that drinking age of 19.

5. Snakes and Lattes - 600 Bloor Street West (Multiple Locations)

This place might be just about perfect for a first date, or even if you're just bored and need something to do. This is a board game cafe - after you pay the $5 admission fee you are free to play any game you'd like. They have a number of options and a food and drink menu to boot. There's another location that offers an alcoholic menu alongside a bunch of board games. This just might be the spot for those anxious first date jitters or even a simple conversation starter. Just whip out a game and get playing.

6. Fresh - 326 Bloor Street West (Multiple Locations)

Want to impress your date with some vegan options? We've got you covered here, too. Fresh is franchise throughout the 6ix that caters to your vegan cravings. I am not a vegan, nor do I really eat vegan that often but I do enjoy some vegan dishes from time to time. I was not disappointed here. You can barely taste the difference, but still feel like you're doing something good for your body. Their sweet potato fries are also quite tasty, because who doesn't love fries. Enjoy the vegan yumminess without feeling like you are at this spot.

7. Greek & Co. - 366 Bloor Street West (Multiple Locations)

Finally, we get to Greek & Co. This a dine in, dine out, whichever you prefer kind of place. If you want to enjoy a nice picnic in a nearby park, or even back to campus to ease finals season, perhaps try Greek & Co. Their menu offers gyros and an assortment of your Greek faves with a cute mediterranean atmosphere if you prefer dining in this cold weather. Check out this little blue window if you're looking for a casual spot.

8. Thai Basil - 467 Bloor Street West

shrimp, chicken, wine
Sarah Katz

Craving some thai food? The annex is home to this appetizing place. Great for satisfying that hankering or a quick meal during exam cramming. The restaurant prides itself on authenticity, all meals proudly cooked by Thai Chefs and made to taste like the real thing. Spoon Recommendation: A classic go to - the Pad Thai. Check out these recipes if you want to recreate the meal at home instead.

#SpoonTip: All of these places are in close proximity to most UofT students' home during finals - Robarts Library.