Whether it’s guzzling a pint of Guinness and a shot of whiskey or eating green-colored food, St. Patty’s is the day to celebrate Irish heritage. If you finish the day with fistfuls of Lucky Charms, I would say you found the pot of gold. Here are the best ways to embrace the Irish in Winston-Salem on St. Patrick’s day, March 17th.

1. Baileys Coffee

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Mix some Baileys into your coffee this St. Patty’s day, reminisce about your glory days, and start the morning off the Irish way.

2. Guinness Stout Beer


St. Patrick's Day

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If St. Patrick’s Day is a day that you hope to only faintly remember, throw back a couple pints at Finnegan’s Wake Irish Pub & Kitchen while singing along to some U2.

3. Chicken Pie

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Praise Irish and local Moravian heritage with a slice of chicken pie from The Tavern in Old Salem. I promise, a piece of pie washed down with a nice Irish stout will make you happy you are Irish, or at least happy to celebrate like one for the day.

4. Quinn Kale & Sea Salt Popcorn

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St. Patty’s is the perfect opportunity to watch your favorite Irish flick (Brooklyn is a recent favorite). When you’re enjoying your favorite movie, munch on Quinn Kale & Sea Salt Popcorn.

5. Minty Desserts

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This holiday gives you the perfect excuse to eat your favorite mint-flavored desserts. Try this mint chocolate cookie cake from Twin City Hive Coffee Lounge. It is made by a local baker and owner of Katy’s Cakery and is sure to fill that mint-colored void in your heart this St. Patrick’s Day.

6. Lucky Charms

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Whether you eat it with a bowl and spoon, by the fistful, or by going all out and making marshmallow treats, this is the perfect midnight snack to keep you feeling lucky.

 7. A Green Juice from Village Juice

And for the morning after when you wake up in your “kiss me I’m Irish” shirt, head over to Village Juice to begin your post St. Patty’s day detox.

Eat, Drink, and Be Lucky this St. Patrick’s Day.