Eating out should be a fun experience-- after all, you're paying for it. Being vegan shouldn't feel like you're limiting your options. As your resident OSU vegan, I've narrowed down the top 5 places in this wonderful Ohio city to find great vegan options. Read on to find the best vegan restaurant options in Columbus!

Eden Burger

Eden Burger is relatively new to the Columbus scene and they've been killin' it. With both burger, sandwich, and loaded fry options they've got something for everyone. They also have some of the creamiest, most indulgent vegan milkshakes you'll probably ever taste.

Finding a good vegan burger restaurant option sounds like an oxymoron, but these guys really know how to deliver. Give their menu a look here.

Portia's Cafe

Portia's Cafe is a vegan safe haven. Their menu includes incredible options for every version of vegan that exists. Gluten-free, GMO, organic, and even raw vegans can find an incredible number of options to choose from. Run by Portia herself, the small kitchen works like a well-oiled machine to produce some of the freshest, healthiest vegan food you can find.

Alchemy Juice Cafe

Alchemy Juice Bar is a true holy grail restaurant. Their menu includes smoothies, smoothie bowls, toast, sandwiches, juices, and more. They sell local vegan snacks at the counter and they even have non-vegan options! Alchemy features 7-8 unique kinds of toast (including 3 varieties of avocado toast!), so we millennials are guaranteed to find something we like.

Pro-Tip: if you're feeling hungover on a Sunday morning, this healthy, delicious breakfast will feel so much better than whatever grease pile you were considering before...  

Late Night Slice

Okay, seriously. You can't make a top 5 list without a pizza place. It's just not right. Luckily for us vegans, Mikey's Late Night Slice has stocked vegan cheese from Daiya. You can find it on top of a personal size (gluten-free) pizza for $8 or order an entire pizza with it! Drunk eaters, rejoice-- Mikey's Late Night Slice can be found in multiple locations and they deliver. This pizza place ensures equal opportunity for all categories of pizza lovers.

The Angry Baker

The Angry Baker is one of those places that you just love taking your non-vegan friends. There are options for you and options for them. With locations in Old Towne East, the University District, and the Short North, this bakery/cafe is ridiculously accessible. You know that awkward time between breakfast and lunch? Some people brunch, but if you happen to be in the mood for lunch, The Angry Baker's got your back. They have classic bakery breakfast items, as well as freshly prepared brunch items, in addition to multiple lunch options! This place really covers all your restaurant option bases.

For some people, being vegan can feel restrictive. I find that by reframing my "dietary restrictions" as healthy, environmentally conscious decisions, I'm able to have fun with it. Living in a (relatively) big city is great because I'm able to find so many options for eating out. My love of food hasn't diminished simply because I'm eating different things. If anything, my sense of culinary adventure has flourished.

Finding great vegan restaurant options in Columbus isn't as daunting or challenging as one might think and with veganism gaining mainstream popularity, it's only getting easier.