In the summer, consuming ice cream is one of the best ways to cool off besides staying hydrated. However, I'm here to break some news to you -- not all ice cream is created equal.

There's the ice cream that you get from a shop, the ice cream that you get from the supermarket, the ice cream that you get from a truck, and then there's Tipsy Scoop's ice cream. 

For those of you asking "WTF is a Tipsy Scoop?", Tipsy Scoop is an ice cream brand that serves 14 different flavors of alcoholic ice cream. And it doesn't stop there. This summer, Tipsy Scoops serving up two amazing limited edition flavors, which include their Frosé and their Spiced Rum. 

Mai Tai

Tipsy Scoop's $9 Mai Tai is bound to make all of your dreams of living in a pineapple come true due to the Tropical Tiki Pineapple Cup that it comes in- minus the presence of Spongebob Squarepants.

For the ice cream, Tipsy Scoop has paired up with Sailor Jerry to create a spiced rum flavor that's the creamiest, eye catching and best tasting flavor in ice cream land's existence. 

Atop the Mai Tai ice cream comes an array of tasty, not-too-sweet pineapple gummies, colorful sprinkles, rainbow candies, and Tipsy Scoop's fabulous cherries. 

The rum that's used in the Mai Tai is flawlessly blended into the ice cream, so there won't be a strong aftertaste of rum in your mouth. The ice cream itself has a solid texture to it, so it's not melting all over the place.

It understands that its heart belongs to you and not to the surrounding area in which you are consuming your Mai Tai. Tipsy Scoop's Mai Tai is so delicious that I'd marry it in a heartbeat and would be its main sponsor for the rest of my life.

Rosé Frose Sundae

For their Rosé Frose sundae which costs $8.50, Tipsy Scoop has come together with Notorious Pink to produce their Frosé flavor ice cream, which is essentially sorbet.

Atop the Frosé are their cherries (aka the only cherries that I like), peach gummies that have more of a rough texture to them, but then melt in your mouth, and edible candied rose petals.

The entire sundae is served in a cute pink cone-bowl, which I thought was unique since I'm used to those basic ice cream cones that every other ice cream place uses. As far as the taste of the sundae goes, it was incredibly refreshing and made me feel all cheery on the inside, which is essentially what ice cream is supposed to do on top of the initial role in cooling us off.

Another thing that I thought was unique about this sundae is the fact that Tipsy Scoop has utilized a popular summer drink known as frosé and made it into something much bigger and better than it could've ever been. 

The End Result

Regardless of which limited edition treat you end up getting, I'm glad to recommend them both on repeat until the world ends. I wouldn't necessarily select one over the other since they're both beautiful alcoholic ice cream treats -- so I'd suggest getting both at the same time, because why not?

*I'd like to thank Melissa from Tipsy Scoop for letting me try both of these sundaes.