The majority of the youth in my city is always saying there’s nothing good to do in Albuquerque. Well, that’s just not the case when it comes to good eats. I’ve discovered a new addition to the great places to eat.

A quick drive away from University of New Mexico’s main campus lies Tia B’s La Waffleria. It’s in a great location right near Nob Hill, and when the season is right, you can see beautiful sunflowers outside and around the property. This is truly one of Albuquerque’s gems.
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Shani Harvie

Apart from the adorable patio, the inside of the restaurant has a quaint and homey feel, almost like your loved ones are who is in the kitchen preparing food for any meal between 8 am and 2 pm.

They have an extensive coffee menu, and any drink containing whipped cream is piled high above the brim. The first time I went to Tia B’s, the menu literally made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I’ll take waffles over pancakes any day, and this menu reaffirms my beliefs.

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Shani Harvie

Whether your palate is craving savory or sweet flavors, Tia B’s has something that will satisfy. 

1. Azteca Waffle

Shani Harvie

The first reason you want to hurry over before the early afternoon closing is the Azteca Waffle. The flavors are uniquely New Mexican, and it's just a wonderful plate to look at. It’s a blue corn waffle made with cinnamon, topped with dark chocolate as well as caramel drizzle, and wait for it—chocolate whipped cream with a dusting of red chile powder. It’s to die for, huh? 

2. Fried Banana and Browned Butter Bourbon Sauce Waffle

Shani Harvie

The next reason you need to grab some friends and run to the Waffleria is the Fried Banana and Browned Butter Bourbon Sauce Waffle. This plate is scrumptious enough for Curious George and any one of his friends including the Man in the Yellow Hat.

The battered deep-fried bananas in this dish are crunchy and fluffy, served on top of a buttermilk waffle with the enticing sauce. Once again, I may have to stop writing and go try another one of their glorious creations. 

3. Bacon and Egg Waffle

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Shani Harvie

The third and final reason you will find yourself in Tia B’s sooner rather than later is their savory Bacon and Egg Waffle. This fantastic mouthful is a buttermilk waffle made with bacon—on the inside. It’s like a hidden surprise in every bite.

You can have your eggs anyway you want on top, just don’t forget to smother it with maple syrup before digging in. On the side is a bit of spring mix and diced tomato garnish which I stared at blankly for the first quarter of my waffle experience.

Finally, I decided to fork a bit of it up with my next bite, and boy was I impressed. My sweet breakfast waffle was transformed into a BLT with maple syrup complementing each of the flavors.

If none of the previous waffles made you want to leave wherever you may be and run to the Waffleria, then maybe the build your own waffle option will get you on your feet. Better yet, if you have dieting restrictions and need something gluten-free or vegan, you can check out the options on their website.

There are so many more creative waffles on their menu I’m waiting to try, and I definitely can’t wait till my next visit to Tia B's Waffleria.