When your friend invites you to try a new gluten-free restaurant, you may be less than thrilled. You have probably heard that gluten-free food is bland or unappetizing, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. This gluten-free Asian restaurant offers peace of mind to Celiac diners, as well as quality food without additives, fryers, or fillers. 

teriyaki, chicken, rice
Emily Lindsay

The Food

Asian Box is a Bay Area chain that strives to emulate Asian street food. The menu is designed so that you can create your own box or choose from set items. The average price of a custom box is around $9, similar to a Chipotle burrito, and you can mix-and-match rice, protein, and unlimited toppings and sauces. Their toppings range from fresh bean sprouts to a caramel egg, and they have a homemade sauce for whatever kind of flavor you’re feeling. As an added bonus, the restaurant is entirely gluten-free.

Emily Lindsay

A custom box is the way to go. Not only do you have complete creative license, but you can pair your box with a Vietnamese iced coffee or a refreshing lemon limeade. If you need some inspiration, feel free to use my go-to box as a guide: Jasmine rice, chicken, chopped peanuts, lime wedge, Miss Jones Sriracha and Peanut Sauce (worth the extra 50 cents), topped off with some Asian Street Dust. Don’t let the “gluten-free” label scare you - you may not even be able to tell the difference. Once you take your first bite of your custom creation, you will know you have made the right decision.

Emily Lindsay

The Mission

Asian Box is truly passionate about food and promises to deliver only the freshest and highest quality possible. All of the produce and proteins come from local farms who are proudly pesticide- and hormone-free. The restaurant itself is made from 35% reclaimed materials, and all of the packaging is compostable. Asian Box is so committed to transparency that diners have a full view of the kitchen to see their boxes being made.

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Emily Lindsay

Gluten-free Asian restaurants are hard to come by, and this one knocks it out of the park. Whether you eat gluten-free or not, you’ll be able to create your perfect box (and save the earth!) at Asian Box.