Being a student in college does not always have to mean eating ramen three meals a day. In fact, I am three years into college and I haven't had ramen once. However, it's almost expected that your school's food options will not measure up to your favorite places to eat. Well, allow me to get you out of this dilemma. You wonderful student readers are #blessed with all kinds of student discounts at your favorite food places when you present your student ID at checkout. Feel like having Chipotle three times in one week? Do it (with the help of a student discount).

1. Taco Bell 

Olivia Kelly

Enjoy a 10% student discount worth throwing a fiesta over.

2. Burger King

lettuce, french fries, bread, meat, cheese
Jennifer Cao

Make sure you order your Whopper with a 10% student discount next time!

3. Dunkin Donuts 

doughnut, bread, dough, pastry, sweet
Lissane Kafie

For college students, Dunkin' is pretty sacred. Get your caffeine at a 10% student discount.

4. Chick-fil-a

juice, sweet, lemon, lemonade, citrus, milk, cream
Jocelyn Hsu

Get a free drink with your chicken when you present your student ID!

5. McDonald's

Alex Frank

Big Mac? Big savings. Remember to take advantage of a 10% student discount.

6. Qdoba

cheese, queso, Qdoba, chips and queso
Sarah Koepsell

Enjoy a free drink with the purchase of your Mexican creation.

7. Subway

cheese, chicken, sandwich, subway, sub, six inch, foot long
Sam Jesner

Math students: what's 10% of your $5 foot-long equal? Happiness.

8. Domino's

pizza, pepperoni, dough, crust, mozzarella, cheese, sauce
Emily Waples

Order your next late-night dorm dinner with a 10-20% student discount!

9. Buffalo Wild Wings

chicken, sauce, chicken wings
Tabatha Marks

Save this 10% student discount for your next game day!

10. Chipotle

Chipotle, Chipotle Burrito Bowl, burrito bowl
Jocelyn Hsu

Can't go wrong with the classic Chip run. Students get a free drink with any purchase.