When my mom visited this past semester, she brought me to this little brunch spot on N. Stone Ave. Little did I realize how rich and savory the food would taste. The Little One is a quaint Mexican brunch place, only open weekdays from 9 am-2 pm. The warm customer service and flavorful food make The Little One one of my favorite brunch spots near the University of Arizona. Keep reading to find out why!

The Atmosphere

With a trendy patio in front of the restaurant, this is definitely an Instagram worthy spot to go with foodie friends. As you enter the restaurant, it is a bit cramped, however, the tables are spaced out enough to where you don't even notice your fellow customers. The vibrant murals and decor make it is easy to spend a few hours here just enjoying the surroundings. The best part is that you can take your time without feeling rushed. 

The Quantity

Even advertised on their Google page, The Little One is known for their "generous portions." With their bottomless chips and salsa, your stomach is sure to be filled before the meal even arrives. Many times I find myself asking for a large to-go box after. If you're on a budget, know these plates could easily be split into two portions. Every single dish I ordered in the past (including the soups) have been large and satisfying. I have definitely slipped into countless food comas after eating at this delicious restaurant. 

The Offerings

Personally, I don't generally opt for the typical American breakfast like bacon, eggs, and hash browns. This restaurant is perfect because they have healthy and exotic options, most brunch places don't offer. Not only are they notorious for their vibrant drink blends, but also for their variety of Mexican dishes. These dishes often include plantains (fried bananas) and fresh seasonal vegetables.

My personal recommendation would be the 'plato sorpresa' (surprise plate), which consists of the chef's personal sample of three different dishes combined. Although my favorites include many of the meat dishes, this restaurant is vegetarian-friendly for those who do not eat meat. One of their popular offerings are the vegetarian tamales. 

My Experience

I have been very satisfied with all of my experiences at The Little One. The food was always delivered fresh and promptly, and I always left the restaurant feeling full. If I could offer advice to the restaurant, it would be to allow customers to pay with credit cards. In a day and age of plastic money, many customers are most likely to forget their cash when going to a breakfast spot. I have never forgotten personally, but I can imagine it is a weekly occurrence. 

Overall, The Little One is definitely a place you should check out. I know it might be hard to get up for breakfasts, especially since it is solely a brunch place. However, the 2 pm close time allows for afternoon brunch dining if you aren't an early riser.