Although Tucson is known for their amazing University, they also have some pretty bomb brunch spots. If you're looking for cheap brunch spots close to campus, you've come to the right place. Whether you are catching up with friends or hanging out with family, these cute restaurants really hit the spot.

1. Nook Urban Kitchen

If you haven't been to Nook you are simply missing out. Nook Urban Kitchen is a nice getaway from campus. Located downtown, Nook is the perfect spot to catch up with friends while enjoying a great meal. If you love lox this is the place for you. My favorite item on the menu is the nickel and lox; a perfect start to my day. Dill cream cheese layered on a lightly toasted piece of pumpernickel, a sprinkled boiled egg, a fresh tomato slice, and of course, the  LOX. Oh, and the best part is it's only 9 dollars! What is better than that?

2. Prep and Pastry

Prep and Pastry is a famous brunch spot in Tucson. Everyone comes to P&P for their picture-worthy wall that reads, "Brunch (n): the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking," and their amazing food. Their menu ranges from fruity drinks to beautiful pastries, and can't forget their eggs beni. You seriously can't go wrong. Eggs beni with LOX for only 10 dollars, count me in! 

3. Xoom Juice

Xoom Juice is a fun off-campus treat. Since we are in Tucson, it tends to get a hot and Xoom offers all the perfect refreshments. Their acai bowls are my favorite! They are not the ordinary acai bowls you see at places like Nekter or Jamba. Xoom layers granola with any smoothie of your choosing and calls it an acai bowl. If you aren't feeling something crunchy, you can always opt for a simple healthy smoothie. The "smashing strawberries" smoothie is delish. This smoothie contains apple juice, strawberries, banana, and froyo. The menu is huge and there is something for everyone. Everything is around 4 to 6 dollars, which are great for college students on a budget. 

4. Mutts

Mutts is a great Sunday spot. I come to Mutts often and bring my homework while sipping on a great cup of coffee and enjoying an eggs beni. Mutts is pet-friendly, so if you want to take your pet on an outing, they can certainly enjoy this dank brunch with you. Plus, everything is between 7 to 10 dollars. 

5. Wilko

Wilko is a hot brunch spot basically on campus. It is located on University Blvd, which is less than a five-minute walk to all classes. Wilko is a fancier alternative to all the other brunch spot above. Wilko’s brunch menu is small, so it's always easy to narrow down your choices. My favorite is the salmon hash, which consists of poaches eggs, green onion and crème Fraiche. Side note, you always have to order a coffee or a flaky pastry. However, Wilko can be a little more pricey, so this is totally a treat. 

Are you hungry yet? Go get your brunch on with cheap brunch spots close to campus