For all those poke bowl lovers in the Bay Area, I’m about to introduce a delicious restaurant to try out! Hawaiian Poke is a chain poke restaurant inspired to give their customers high-quality fish. They are known for their fresh fish and generous portions. Here's why you should check it out!

1. Atmosphere

When you walk in, there is a beautiful mural of an ocean with many colorful fish. There are around 5-6 booths, and there is a bar stool area by the window (meant for eating while you look outside). The whole building was super clean and had a nice open feel to it.

2. Quantity

When I ordered, I tried out the small bowl with half rice and half salad. I was a bit skeptical of the sizing portions because the bowls looked pretty small. I remember ordering a medium, and I ended up regretting that. For a price of $12 for a small bowl, they give large portions. With a small bowl, you are allowed to choose three different fish to mix. With a medium size, you are able to choose four.

3. Creating the Bowl

Personally, I tried one portion of yellowtail, and two portions of salmon because boy, do I love salmon. Next, there was a station of sauces to add to the meal. I had a hard time deciding, but thanks to recommendations, I tried a mix of their most popular sauces. The next step you can choose all the vegetables you want to add to your bowl. I personally just added avocado and seaweed salad. Lastly, you can add sprinkles of fried onions and other condiments. I liked this because it added a crunchy texture to my meal. 

4. Taste

When I began eating my meal, I was so surprised at how filling it was. I felt full after eating 1/3 of the bowl and ended up getting a lid to take it home. The fish was fresh and so full of flavor. I felt like everything I added to the bowl was a perfect addition. The vegetables tasted fresh and the sauces mixed extremely well. I left the restaurant feeling satisfied and content.

5. Advice

One thing I wish they could improve would be their customer service. The environment is not loud, but I found myself repeating my order multiple times. In addition, they didn’t seem to be super friendly and almost seemed bored of their jobs. I understand if it has been a long morning, but their negative energy almost seemed to rub off on me.

Besides that, I very much love this restaurant. I have already visited it two more times since I first went, and my friends have since fallen in love with their meals as well. If you haven’t checked out this chain, you should! They have multiple throughout California and possibly in other states. If you want to read about other delicious poke restaurants to try out in San Francisco, check out this article!