In the last few years, the poke bowl has become an extremely popular dish around the United States. While the dish is originated from Hawaii, San Francisco has become a new hotspot for this cuisine. Not only is San Francisco known for its fresh seafood, but it also has an abundance of multicultural food. With hundreds of popular Poke shops, here are five Poke places to try in San Francisco.

1. Poke Origin

This is the newest one out of the bunch. Having opened only five weeks ago, it’s already voted as the number one raved about Poke restaurant in San Francisco. This restaurant is known for their large portions, with double the amount of seafood scoops as usual. In addition, for a bargain of $10, you’re sure to be satisfied and full. Make sure you find parking though because there aren’t a lot of spaces closely.

2. Poki Time

This restaurant is a packed, artsy joint filled with people and friendly service. With cute decorations and plenty of space to sit, it’s definitely a poke stop to check out! In addition, this restaurant is known for their macaroon sandwich desserts, which is definitely a unique option. Another bonus to this restaurant is the fact that you can add unlimited toppings with no additional charge! Prices for bowls are about $13 including tip.

3. Our Poke Place

This small stop is located in the Mission district, and usually, is packed with lines out the door! This place is unique because they pack the poke meal in almost a bento box style, with a side of macaroni salad. This is more of the type of place to hit up if you’re trying to get take out food or are in a rush. One other tidbit is that the rice is seasoned, which adds, even more, flavor to the meal! Prices are about $13.  

4. Pokihub

Poki hub is a shop that has these fill out forms, rather than verbal orders. This makes things less stressful and rushed when figuring out what you want. While this place is known for its fresh seafood like the others, there is a unique feature about it. They have ‘specials’ which are set poke bowl styles. These specials are cheaper than building your own bowls, and they taste delicious. In addition, they offer coffee and tea drinks to compliment the meals which are pretty unheard of. To make things even better, customers receive a free miso soup if you write a yelp review! Definitely give this place a try, because this is the number one on my list. Prices range about $11 to $12.  

5. Ahipoki   

Last but not least, Ahipoki is located on the colorful Polk Street. With fish described as being 'buttery fresh', this is definitely a place you don't want to miss. This restaurant is also known for their Instagram-worthy, beautifully presented bowls. With spices and seasonings sprinkled on, any person would want to dig in immediately. Prices range from $10-13, with the $13 one being large. 

Now that you have read about these places, it's time to add them to your bucket list! The next time you are in San Francisco, don't forget to scope out these yummy eateries and stops. I know that I sure will.