Welcome to Hawk Hill, class of 2020, and welcome back all returning Hawks. I hope you're hungry because Spoon SJU has prepared a list of the most beloved student food destinations near and around campus.

It's difficult to pick a place to eat with so many neighboring spots to choose from, so we've narrowed it down for you. For all of the baby hawks, here is the inside scoop to the best places to grab a bite at St. Joseph's university.

1. When you have late night munchies: Larry's Steaks

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Larry’s is a St. Joe's landmark, and Kobe Bryant’s favorite place to grab a steak. It is nearly impossible to drop in Larry’s for a late night bite without seeing a familiar face. The night is not over until you’ve packed yourself into a booth with friends to share a greasy cheesesteak. Memories made in the Larry’s dining room will stay with you long after your four years at Hawk Hill.

What to Order: A cheesteak, duh.

Location: 2459 N 54th St, Philadelphia, PA 19131

2. When you're doing it for the gram: Sabrina's Cafe

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Quirky decor, mismatched mugs, and picture perfect food makes Sabrina’s Cafe the most Instagram worthy SJU student destination. Sabrina’s most accessible location is just a short drive/ Uber away in the Wynnewood shopping center.

Once seated, you’ll be handed a menu that is stacked top to bottom with some of the most delicious breakfast and lunch options you could possibly imagine. Choosing what you want to eat will be difficult, but know that every option is #instagood. 

What to Order: Sabrina’s decadent stuffed challah french toast will guarantee a stream of likes and jealousy from your hungry followers. Their colorful huevos rancheros will also make for a delicious addition to your feed.

Location: Wynnewood Shopping Center, 50 E Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood, PA 19096

3. When it's brunch o'clock: Winnie's Le Bus

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The #3 most popular SJU student Uber destination (behind Mad River and Cuddy’s, of course) is Winnie's Le Bus in Manayunk. Winnie’s is the place to be for Sunday (or Saturday, or any day) brunch. You're sure to see several classmates there enjoying the best meal of their weekend. And its location on main street is perfect for post-meal strolling/shopping.

What to Order: Their french toast, pancakes, and omelets are a must for breakfast. Winnie's is also known for fresh-baked bread and jams that you can purchase and bring back to your dorm.

Location: 4266 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

4. When pizza is life: Snap Pizza

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Two words: Snap Pizza. You will constantly here these words echoed around campus. Snap Custom Pizza allows customers to combine delicious toppings for their ideal personal pizza. The pizza's crust is thin and cooked to perfection, topped with fresh ingredients.

If you have yet to give Snap Pizza a try, then you must join Spoon SJU on September 15th from 5-9 pm. Spoon SJU will be hosting our first fundraiser at Snap and will receive 50% of the night's proceeds. Pizza and supporting Spoon SJU—it’s a win-win.

What to Order: Get creative at Snap and create your own custom pie. Mix and match toppings, sauces, cheese, and proteins for your own signature za.

Location: 4 Station Rd, Ardmore, PA 19003

5. When you want to watch the game: Landmark Americana Bar & Grill

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When you’ve decided that you’re too broke for season tickets or when the Hawks are on the road, there is only one place to watch the game—other then Hagan arena—and that's Landmark. You’ll find yourself at Landmark to watch a sporting event, to attend a kick-back fundraiser for a campus organization, or on a random Tuesday because wings are 50 cents a piece.

Landmark serves traditional sports bar fare to SJU students, fans, and locals. You or one of your friends may have worked there at some point during your college career. Landmark is the only game in town for an on campus sit-down dining experience and it's a true St. Joe’s staple.

What to Order: Landmark has different specials every day of the week, and as a broke college kid you should definitely take advantage of the discounts.

Location: 2481 N 54th St, Philadelphia, PA 19131

6. When you're trying to be healthy: Honeygrow

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Just a shuttle ride away (note: East to Feast) from campus, you’ll find Honeygrow. There are several Honeygrow locations in the tri-state area, and hawks are lucky to have easy access to their wholesome food options. The Philadelphia-born chain allows patrons to customize their salad, stir-fry, or fruit salad (honey bar) on touch screens. The menu is full of organic, locally raised, and gluten free options.

A fresh meal from Honeygrow is a nice break from Campion’s heavily processed menu. You’re sure to find other health- conscious hawks there.

What to Order: My honey bar order goes as follows: strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, clover honey, dark chocolate chips, granola, and homemade whipped cream (yum).

Location: Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center, 169 E City Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

7. When you're meeting friends: Manayunk Brewing Company 

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Manayunk Brewery’s ability to accommodate large parties and foster a genuinely fun atmosphere makes it the perfect place to meet up with your squad. Plus, Manayunk Brewery boasts a killer menu. With plenty of options, everyone in your party will leave satisfied. Manayunk Brewery also hosts a jazz brunch and various live performers throughout the year. It’s a casual spot to catch up with friends and enjoy some unique bites.

What to Order: If you are a sushi connoisseur, you should give one of the Brewery's rolls a try. If raw fish isn't your thing, you can't go wrong with an oven-fired pizza or a hearty sandwich.

Location: 4120 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

8. When you donut care about calories: Federal Donuts

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Donut worry about the freshman 15, treat yo'self at one of Federal Donuts' five Philadelphia locations. Federal Donuts is known for their eclectic offerings of fried chicken, donuts, and coffee. The unlikely combination has proven irresistible, and taken the Philly food world by storm. With a rotating list of chicken rubs and unique donut flavors, Federal Donuts is anything but boring.

What to Order: If you’re feeling adventurous give the maple bacon, strawberry lavender, or spicy PB & J donuts a try. Who needs chicken and waffles, when you can have chicken and donuts?

Location: 3428 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

9. When your parents come to visit: Not Your Average Joe’s

This trendy Ardmore restaurant dishes up American food with a twist, one that your parents are sure to love. It is the perfect atmosphere to diffuse the revelation of your current GPA or ask for some spending money (because trying all of the spots on this list gets expensive). Not Your Average Joe’s is ideal for fam bonding and for hanging out with friends. The menu is full of original dishes, so try not to fill up on their specialty bread and dipping sauce (not an easy task).

What to Order: NYA Joe's has a rotating menu of seasonal selections. Freshness and unique flavors are guaranteed if you decide to try something seasonal.

Location: 49 St James Pl, Ardmore, PA 19003

10. When you want breakfast for dinner: Llanerch Diner

You might recognize this tiny diner from the Oscar nominated film Silver Lining’s Playbook. Bradley Cooper decided on cereal when he and Jennifer Lawrence visited the diner for their odd first date, but there’s much more to chose from. Llanerch offers classic diner fare and guess what, they deliver! You can enjoy diner favorites from your dorm room, or you can take the two minute Uber in order to dine-in and snap-story the Silver Lining’s Playbook plaque.

What to Order: Llanerch, like most diners, has a never ending menu. From moussaka to banana splits, you're sure to find whatever it is your heart desires. Choose from the long list of omelets, egg specials, pancakes, or pastries when you're craving breakfast for dinner.

Location: 95 E Township Line Rd, Upper Darby, PA 19082