After listening to my friends talk for months on end about what to pack, where to eat and what to expect for their spring break trip to Puerto Vallarta, the FOMO was real. I could not let all of my best friends go on the best trip of their lives while I was stuck at home, so 2 days before take off, I booked a flight to Mexico.

Impulsive, right? 

After boarding a flight to Mexico, completely unprepared, you learn a few things. Here is the ultimate guide to Puerto Vallarta, so you can have fun in the sun, without any major melt downs.

Don't Pack Extra Food

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The day before leaving for Puerto Vallarta, I ran around Wal-Mart to buy protein bars, crackers, nuts, chips, crystal light...the list goes on. I ended up barely touching any of my portable pantry because authentic Mexican eats beat the snack aisle any day. Loading up on tons of munchies is definitely a waste of money, especially if your resort is an all inclusive

Save that snack space in your carry-on for some killer bathing suits or some extra sunscreen.

Make Water Your #1 Priority

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The last thing anyone wants is Moctezuma's revenge. The moment you get your room key, run to get cases of water. The store will definitely be packed with people trying to do the same thing, but stocking up at the beginning of the week will optimize your beach time later.

Bottled water is your life line the entire trip. Because the water in Mexico can make you seriously sick, wash your face and brush your teeth with the bottled water and shower with your mouth closed. Alternating some H20 between your margaritas is important to stay hydrated after long days in the sun - heat stroke is no joke.

Fries Before Guys 

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Although there were tons of yummy boys in the spring break crowd, it was the food at the resort that really caught my eye. The hotel staff definitely didn't let us go hungry; the spread was an appetizer lover's dream.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner we feasted on potatoes, chicken nuggets, burgers and quesadillas. If greasy food isn't your style, there are tons of other options where you can grab a bite

Try Authentic Mexican Restaurants

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To dig into some authentic, Mexican cuisine, you don't have to travel far. Right next to my resort was a marina with a line of restaurants. Exploring the marina was well worth it because they offered tons of choices ranging from Mexican to Italian. Any type of meal from you could imagine is right around the corner and I guarantee it's all authentic and delicious

Some of the top restaurants that I enjoyed were: Victor's Place, Porto Bello, La Barra, Bacha's, Señor Frogs and Prime. All of these eateries got the stamp of approval from me and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Experience Every Day To The Fullest

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This experience is something that you want to make the most of and if you're anything like me, you should definitely eat your way through Mexico. It was the best decision I've ever made. Live by this guide and you'll have an unbelievable trip. When in doubt, the answer is always, "más tequila!"