When exploring a place like Puerto Vallarta, you find tons of beaches, culture, and delicious restaurants. Whether you are walking through the heart of the city or enjoying an afternoon on the beach, there are so many different places to eat. These venues will be the best guide for places to eat in Puerto Vallarta. You better get going, there are so many places to go when vacationing here and the time flies when you're having fun.

Breakfast: Mr. Cream Pancakes and Waffle

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Hannah Freiberg

This yummy breakfast spot is located right on the marina within walking distance to many hotels. Make sure to order the waffles or pancakes, and a frappucino to boot.

Lunch: La Barra Cerveceria

La Barra Cerveceria is perfect for a quick bite to eat if you are staying at a nearby hotel. They have a large selection of food, but stick to their specials such as the fajitas and tacos. This restaurant truly captures the taste of Puerto Vallarta. In additon, depending on where you are staying, that hotel might offer lunch from the hotel right on the beach. 

Dinner: Daiquiri Dicks

Daquiri Dicks is located right on Los Muertos Beach in Puerto Vallarta and is perfect for a casual beachfront dinner. It has a great atmosphere, especially on live music nights when it is full of people dancing and having a great time. 

Dinner: La Palapa

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Hannah Freiberg

La Palapa is also located right on Los Muertos Beach. It is the best place for big groups visiting the city. They have a large variety of fresh fish such as seafood risotto and scallops. Don't forget to get the chocolate lava cake for dessert!

Dinner: La Leche

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La Leche offers a unique dining experience with an all white decor, boxed water, and napkins in a paper bag. The food is delicious with original dishes such as duck tacos and bone marrow. Everday is a surprise in that the menu changes daily. 

Dinner: The Iguana

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Hannah Freiberg

Located at Casa Kimberly, the original place where Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor lived in Puerto Vallarta, The Iguana Restaurant and Tequilla Bar is a must visit in PV. With a beautiful view overlooking the whole city, live music, and cool decor there is nothing not to love. They offer a large variety of meat and fish with dishes like grilled salmon pork shank. Make sure to try their drinks, food, and walk around the outdoor area of the hotel.

Overall, Puerto Vallarta is a city filled with a thriving and growing food scene. There is so much to do when visiting. Travelling to a new country is a great way to explore new cultures and foods.