Already missing the warmth, lack of papers and all of the exotic food and drinks from the beach? Crank up the heat and follow this guide to bring that tropical vacation back to school.

spring break

Photo by Isabelle Langheim

Endless Cool Drinks → Piña Coladas

Many of the fruity and boozy drinks on vacation are hard to recreate at home and require many uncommon ingredients. However, if you go to the frozen section of the supermarket you will find piña colada mix. Just follow the directions and get instant Caribbean satisfaction.

spring break

Photo by: Ivan Dervisevic

Fresh Guacamole → Homemade Guacamole

Even though the avocados are imported, you can still get that authentic taste and avoid the store-bought green mush if you make it at home.

spring break

Photo courtesy of Robert Occhialini

Daiquiri → Alcoholic Slushie

Simply take a 7-Eleven slurpee or any other slushie, pour it into a fancy glass and add some rum. If you’re really going all out, put a mini umbrella on that too.

spring break

Photo by Xinwei Zeng

Ripe Local Fruit Everywhere → Tropical Fruit Salad

Pineapples, watermelon and mangoes are easy to find at your local grocery store. Chop them up, place in a colorful bowl and voila–you will be at peace with your current surroundings once more. You might not be able to find papaya or dragon fruit but hey, you tried.

spring break

Photo By Hana Ezaldein

Authentic Salsa → Real Salsa

You can make salsa yourself to have with your chips and quesadillas, or can find some great varieties in stores. The key to buying fresh and authentic salsas is to stay away from the non-refrigerated jars; there will often be fresh salsa or pico de gallo near the hummus and other spreads.

spring break

Photo by Alex Tom

Fresh Coconut Water → Canned/Bottled Coconut Water

Opening a can of coconut water is not even close to the Instagram-perfect coconut with a straw in it. But if you sit back, listen to some holiday sounds and imagine some sand between your toes, you’ll be able to make do until your next sun-soaked trip.