We have all been there: 2 a.m. meat cravings or Thursday night dinners at the mess which is nothing short of unbearable. You don’t want to get off campus because you’re too lazy, you’re drowning in work or the Uber surge pricing is more expensive than your meal. For any of these moments, we’ve rounded up the best places to order food from, delivered fresh to our doorstep. We’ve got everything from pizza to healthy options covered for Delivery Spots around GNLU

Midnight Scorer

Akhila Anand

If you have the midnight munchies and need a quick fix, Midnight Scorer’s (pun intended) is your best bet. The fare stands out for its value for money and more than satisfying quantities.

Their best options include the Big Boy Burger, Coleslaw Sandwiches, and Loaded Nachos. They deliver from 8 pm to 4 am, daily. This is your go-to when you're working on a moot or you're getting ready for a movie marathon, making it a perfect delivery spot around GNLU for dinner and anytime after.

Fit's Food

Akhila Anand

Food shares a love-hate relationship with calories, especially when one places a delivery order. Fits Food does a brilliant job of ensuring that those long hours on the treadmill are not conquered by that extra cheese on your fries.

With a well-crafted menu, Fit's Food has an array of healthy options, ranging from salads to combo meals which include brown rice and servings of paneer or chicken. Their omelettes come with a variety of toppings and are a meal on their own.

Ovenstory Pizza

Pizza is comfort food. But the comfort quotient is maximised when it is delivered to your room. With outlets all across India, this pizzeria usually has a Buy 1 Get 1 offer, which makes for the perfect accompaniment for a night in with Netflix.

Their menu covers almost everything that a typical pizza joint offers, including a variety of toppings such as chicken and mushroom. You might want to check out their bruschetta and red velvet cake while you are at it.

Behrouz Biryani

For all those Nawabs who want to satisfy their emperor-like cravings, Behrouz Biryani serves as a great delivery spot around GNLU. Their Biryani is flavoursome, great in quantity and to top it off, they deliver it. This joint serves up a variety of biryanis, including chicken, paneer and mutton ones. The sevai kheer complements the robust biryani flavours, making for a great end to the royal fare. 

Firangi Bake

spaghetti, sauce, lasagna, pasta
Andrea Benaim

Introducing baked foods, Firangi Bake is a welcome break from the usual spaghetti and Chinese food. This delivery-only joint has a select number of dishes available: quesadillas, lasagna and pot rice meals. These come in a variety of flavours including Mughlai, Mexican and English Continental, which ensures that there is a dish for everyone. 

#SpoonTip: the Minced Chicken Lasagna is a must-try.


Faasos has a pan-India presence and is comparable to some of the best delivery-only places all across India. It has a variety of food to offer, and has focussed on creating accessibility to a variety of food options on campus without compromising on their quality. Their best options include the Paneer Rice Combos and the Chicken Egg Sausage Wrap.