Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is the ultimate vacation destination for everyone. Whether you're going with friends for a wild spring break or on a family vacation, you're guaranteed to have a blast. Not only is Atlantis a perfect getaway, it has 21 restaurants that will blow you away just as much as the views will.

The resort offers celebrity restaurants that are 5 stars and pricey, but also a bunch for when you're balling on a budget. Navigating through the 21 options can be intimidating, so here's the ultimate dining guide so you can make the most out of your time at Atlantis

Price Range: $

Marina Pizza

If you want a quick bite for lunch or don't feel like getting fancy for dinner, (or just need some zaaa in your life... don't we all), this place is for you. You can buy pizza by the slice or buy a box or two. It's located right on the marina, so you can eat your pizza and dream about owning a yacht one day.

Cave Grill

shrimp, prawn, salad
Kate Avdellas

Cave Grill is the ultimate lunch destination. They offer classics like burgers, pizza, and salads; but the view of marine life is unbeatable. No need to look fancy, show up in your swim suit and you'll be welcomed.

Brats & Balls

This is your place for all things meat. Brats & Balls offers meatballs, hot dogs and sausages. It's perfect for a quick bite on your way to the casino. 

Price Range: $$

Murray's Deli

Murray's has the feel of an old American diner. It serves up all the classics from grilled cheese to Reubens. They also serve a huge selection of salads and burgers. It's perfect if you have a picky eater in the group, because they'll for sure find something they like on the menu.

Virgil's BBQ

If you're craving some sweet, southern BBQ on vacation head over to Virgil's. It's family style dining and is sure to please the whole group. Other than BBQ, they have a huge selection of starters like popcorn shrimp, wings, and crab cakes. Also, you can finish it off with some fresh fruit cobbler. 


If you've been to a Carmine's in America, you'll have the exact same experience at Atlantis. This place serves up family sized portions of Italian food. The huge portions are perfect if you're with a big group and want leftovers to take back to your room.

Price Range: $$$


chocolate, cake
Kate Avdellas

I would be lying if I said I didn't think about this place at least once a day. After going to Atlantis three times, I can surely say this is my favorite place to eat. Mosaic offers a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. Think of any regular buffet, well this place is at least a 1000 times better.

It serves everything from made-to-order omelets and crepes in the morning to lobster and filets at dinner time. And don't even get me started on the dessert.


seafood, oyster, shellfish, fish, mussel
Kate Avdellas

If you're in the mood for Italian food, head over to Olive's at the Royal Towers. Chef Todd English offers you his Mediterranean cuisine in addition to fresh seafood and a raw bar. There is something for everyone here whether you're craving pizza or oysters on the half.

Seafire Steakhouse

Kate Avdellas

This place is exactly what it sounds like. They offer a great selection of seafood and steak. The restaurant is decorated beautifully with mosaic floors and giant chandeliers, not somewhere you'd expect the best steak on Paradise Island from.

Price Range: $$$$

77° West

sauce, lamb
Kate Avdellas

This is the newest addition to Atlantis' dining options. 77° West serves up South American dishes with a flare of Caribbean. If you want spice it up a little bit, this place is for you. Every dish has a little kick that takes it to the next level.

Cafe Martinique

cream, sauce, broccoli
Kate Avdellas

Probably the fanciest restaurant Atlantis has to offer. Dine on gourmet French cuisine while enjoying the view of the Marina Village. 


salmon, smoked salmon, sushi, fish
Kate Avdellas

If you want to eat the best sushi in your entire life, Nobu is a must. Run by celebrity chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu serves up every type of sushi you can imagine. 

#SpoonTip: the lambs chops from Nobu are to die for.


If you're feeling extra adventurous, make a reservation at the Dune. It's at the One and Only Ocean Club which is about a 10 minute drive from Atlantis. This place is the epitome of fine dining, has breathtaking views and, to top it off, was the set for the James Bond movie, Casino Royale