Most people go to Vegas to celebrate their long awaited twenty-first birthday. I, on the other hand, am a twenty-year-old foodie and visit Vegas for the amazing food and the great experience. Each hotel on the strip is filled with food I simply cannot get my hands on in Scottsdale. Yes, Scottsdale has trendy restaurants but Vegas is next level, especially the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. When you are ready to take a break from the slot machines... get ready to enter a food coma with these delicious restaurants. 

1. Scarpetta

Scarpetta is located in the fancy Cosmo hotel which is extremely trendy and over the top. When walking through the lobby you will find tons of bars, plenty of places to sit and many people to watch. On the third floor, is Scarpetta which is a very romantic restaurant filled with gorgeous red accents and lots of glass lighting. The restaurant is the definition of glamour and deserves to be featured in the Architectural Digest magazine. Scott Conant definitely knew what he was doing, when creating the food for this masterpiece. He is known for his Spaghetti with tomato and basil. If you have tried this dish, you know how incredible it is. It's so simple, yet I have never had anything else quite like it. I recommend sitting at a table with a view of the Bellagio for the full Scarpetta experience. 

2. Holsteins

Holsteins is a mix between Black Tap in NYC and Stray Dogs here in Tucson, but so much better. The vibe is very glamorous and fun. My family goes there, especially for the extravagant milkshakes shakes. These shakes are outrageous, delicious and colorful. However, the joint also offers burgers, beers and did I mention? BOOZY SHAKES! Any type of flavored vodka or liquor can be mixed into the milkshake of your choice. 

3. Pool Side

Pool Side is always a good idea. The Cosmopolitan offers the fanciest pools, drinks, and bathing suits all in the comfort of your hotel. When you order poolside there are so many options from salads and sandwiches to over the top drinks. 

4. Secret Pizza

Secret Pizza is an unmarked spot. This secret spot is located on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan through a long narrow hallway and is always packed. It's a perfect cheap late night snack and if you are staying at the Cosmo, you are in luck. SP comes very close to New York Pizza and won't break the budget, unlike some of these other spots.

5. Cosmopolitan Chandelier Bar 

The Cosmo Chandelier Bar is beyond Instagram worthy and beautiful. The bar is three floors high filled with quality liquors, vodka, tequila and more. If you find yourself on Instagram frequently scrolling you have most definitely seen girls in front of the glamorous crystal and sparkly bar. 

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