For years my parents raved about L'atelier. As a family of foodies, I have always loved looking at their pictures they took there. L'atelier was only for special occasions in my family, as it is a pretty pricey restaurant. I would never have thought I would be fortunate enough to try the food, however, I graduated high school. For my graduation gift, my parents handed me a piece a paper; printed was the menu. We were going to Vegas baby! Honestly, the best part is sitting, waiting for your food. Watching the chefs place all the different colors on the plate is just mesmerizing. These beautiful dishes are all why you should you go to L'atelier de Joël Robuchon the next time you are in Vegas! L'atelier is a foodies dream and you get the inside scoop right here, right now! Here are five reasons why you should go to L'atelier de Joël Robuchon the next time you are in Vegas.

1. Amuse-Bouche

Amuse-bouche is a French phrase for single or bite-size. Translated to English is hors d'œuvre or appetizer. At L'atelier amouse-bouche acts as a palate cleanser. When my parents and I first sat down, my dad told me I had to try the special amuse-bouche. To me, it looked like a very odd shot and really foamy. Of course, it ended up tasting delicious. The shot is difficult to explain, but it goes something like this: layered foie gras, with flavored foam. Sounds super weird, but I promise it is the best shot you will ever have.

2. Le Jambon 

Le Jambon is french for Iberico ham. Iberico ham isn't like regular ham your mom used to make you in elementary school on a sandwich; Iberico melts in your mouth. At L'atelier, Iberico is served with bread and thinly sliced tomatoes. If you are lucky enough to eat at L'atelier, this is the dish you need to try. Even though the portions are small, the food is outstanding

3. Carbonara  

No carbonara compares to Joël Robuchon's. My parents have tried to make this dish many times and it just isn't the same. Whenever I am in California, or anywhere on a vacation, my dad and I order carbonara. Even at our favorite restaurants in California, it just doesn't compare. Carbonara is a fancy pasta that started in Rome. The secret to good carbonara is cooking with pasta water! Pasta, topped with crispy pancetta, and an egg yolk on top. Just the way I like it. 

4. Le Burger

The Burger at L'atelier is honestly the best I have ever had. Most people who go to the University of Arizona swear by Zin Burger. Any burger at Zin doesn't even compare to the sliders at L'atelier. A good slider is rare and juicy. These sliders come in three and are layered with creamy foie gras and topped with sauteed bell peppers. Oh, and they are paired with crispy fries. 

5. Les Tartes

The tart's served at L'atelier are out of this world. The tart flavors change daily. When I ate there, my favorite was the chocolate tart which was doused with real edible gold. I also loved the raspberry. It was very light which was perfect to end a big meal. Even though the portions are small, you order a lot to try a lot. Going to L'atelier de Joël Robuchon is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so eat and enjoy as much as you can. 

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