It doesn't have to be Tuesday for the taco munchies to hit.  As TCU students, there is no need to stress where our next taco encounter can occur. 

TCU is surrounded by tons of taco shops, each serving their own special variation on one of our favorite dishes.  

The taco joints listed below are within a ten minute drive of campus or even closer.  There is no reason to limit ourselves to one taco shop. Go out and explore.  You can't go wrong with tacos in Texas.

1. Salsa Limon

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Sandwiched between the bookstore and Sid Rich, Salsa Limon is a TCU staple. Salsa is a great place to have lunch in-between classes, as a late night bite, or even with your roommate to for a breakfast taco date. 

Confession: I blew all my Frog Bucks on Salsa last year within the first two months. No regrets.

Personal Recommendation: Barbacoa Taco with everything

2. Fuzzy's Taco Shop

TCU students go gaga over Fuzzy's queso, but have you tried their baja tacos? You should. 

Located next to Aardvark, a trip to Fuzzy's Taco Shop is a mini retreat from campus.  Fuzzy's offers a vibrant but casual atmosphere and is a great place to grab a quick taco dinner.

Personal Recommendation: Spicy Pork Taco

3. Torchy's Tacos

If I said Torchy's Tacos had no influence on my decision to attend wouldn't be entirely true. Torchy's is a Texas favorite and rightly so. 

Their extensive menu is packed with non-traditional tacos like their salmon taco, Mr. Orange. Have fun making your taco "trashy" by ditching the lettuce and covering it with queso. 

Personal Recommendation: The Democrat with extra queso.

4. Yucatan Taco Stand

If you have not made the ten minute trip to Yucatan Taco Stand on Magnolia you are missing out.

Yucatan offers a lively atmosphere with live music, patio seating, and of course, killer tacos. Their menu reflects inspiration from multiple Latin American countries, which translates into major flavors

Personal Recommendation: The Original Tempura Fish Taco 

5. Taco Heads

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If you are in search of a healthier taco, look no further than Taco Heads. Their tacos are topped with fresh veggies and are simply refreshing.

Taco Heads offers twelve tacos, each with a creative spin.  Make the ten minute drive to Taco Heads on Mongomery and taste the goodness yourself

Personal Recommendation: Garlic Cilantro Gulf Shrimp

6. Velvet Taco

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Located along West 7th, Velvet Taco is always packed and rightfully so. The tacos are perhaps the most filling I have ever encountered. Each is packed with tons of flavor as well.

Plus, Velvet Taco makes their tortillas fresh and they slow roast their own chicken, which can be purchased for half off on Mondays. 

Personal Recommendation: Rotisserie Chicken.

Bottom line: there are a ton of taco options for TCU students. Whether you have a minute to step off campus or ten to drive around, there is no shortage of tacos in Fort Worth.