Once you cope with the fact that Starbucks is just not for you and decide to go local, these five places to get coffee in Winter Park should be your first stops. When you choose local over chain you get the benefits of shorter lines, homemade treats, and exotic roasts. These local shops are giving Starbucks a run for their money, making it worth every off campus dollar for a Rollins College student. 

1. Austin's Coffee 

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Alexandra Norman

Austin's Coffee is the place to be anytime of the day, literally. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week this local joint has everything you need from coffee and tea to bagels and panini. Straight from their own website, "we only buy organic, fair-trade beans. Our fresh imported coffee beans are roasted right in the shop, providing you with the best possible quality, that can’t be beaten."

Not only offering food and drinks, Austin's Coffee also has Standup Comedy as just one of the late night events happening almost every Sunday. While there, you are encouraged to enjoy a slice of your favorite dessert while listening. Plus, they serve wine and beer so after you've had your caffeine fix for the day you can enjoy a nice glass (or bottle) of your favorite adult beverage. 

2. Barnie's Coffee and Tea

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Amanda Wakefield

Less than a ten minute walk from Starbucks tucked into a tiny corner of Park Avenue is Barnie's. This coffee shop in Winter Park has been around for more than three decades, earning prizes at international coffee competitions and praise for their unique blends.

They explain on their website, "we only buy organic, fair-trade beans. Our fresh imported coffee beans are roasted right in the shop, providing you with the best possible quality, that can’t be beaten." 

Not only do they go above and beyond to find the best beans for your in-store pleasure, but they also sell pretty much every bean they have by the bag in store and online. If you're in need of a gift idea for your coffee-loving friend, Barnie's is the place to go.

3. Foxtail Coffee Shop

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Elexsa Perello

Right in the middle of Creature Your Nature and Winter Park Distillery's Bear and Peacock is the newly opened, modernized café with a rustic vibe known as Foxtail. Foxtail is one of the few places in the area where the coffee is roasted and ground on-site, daily so freshness is always a guarantee.

There is no need to worry about getting your sweet fix for the day with local bakeries, delivering a small and simple array of your favorite pastries daily. Foxtail is the perfect study spot, whether you want to sit inside and charge your laptop or outside in the courtyard on the grass enjoying the Florida sunshine, nothing can beat this aesthetic.

4. Mon Petit Cheri Café

Alexandra Norman

From the moment you first step into this French bistro it will feel as if you have been transported straight into the heart of France. "People come for the whole experience" is just the kind of thing you hear from the employees while enjoying a variety of French cuisine.

Be sure to ask if they have any financier's, they are my personal favorite, an almond flour pastry is the perfect snack to hold you over while studying. As cute as this café is on the inside, don't forget to check out the back courtyard, it's twice as nice.

5. Krungthep Tea Time

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Alexandra Norman

Not completely obsessed with coffee like most? Krungthep is the place for you. This is the perfect place to detox from your caffeine overload after a long week. "Sandwich, tea or a nice story of KrungThep," as written on every page of their menu, creating an authentic connection to their roots.

A sandwich and tea bar with an exotic, Thai twist bringing a touch of Bangkok to Winter Park. If you have a sweet tooth like me I highly recommend the ​Nom Yen, a pink milk that is sweet, creamy and caffeine free

So, next time you're looking for a coffee, skip the Starbucks line and try out one of these places. Starbucks may have a quality app and a consistent taste, but it won't please you in the same way that these places can. So grab a friend, a book, or your dog and try out one of these awesome places in Winter Park! You wont be disappointed.