As a vegan, I know it can be hard to find dessert that actually tastes as good as non-vegan ones. That being said, Georgetown is home to A TON of vegan restaurants and bakeries. I sampled desserts from multiple places to find the very best, IMO. These Top 3 Georgetown vegan desserts are simply the best!

1. Baked and Wired

Sara Shelton

The first best of the Georgetown vegan desserts is Baked and Wired's Vegan Cakecup (not cupcake!). It's fun AND delicious. It deserves its funky name because it tastes richer than your usual cupcake, and more like an actual slice of cake. It's also leaning towards the size of a slice of cake, meaning you can easily split it with a friend. I'll admit that I'm very picky when it comes to frosting, but the Oreo frosting on this is literally perfect. It's not too sweet and not too thick: it's just right. Coupled with the bakery's espresso, it's the perfect vegan dessert!

BONUS: Try it with their in-house espresso for an amazing drink pairing (ask for it with almond milk to make vegan, or drink it straight)!

2. The Dough Jar

The Dough Jar is an absolutely amazing place. Georgetown is home to their Scoop Shop, which is their permanent location. The Scoop Shop is set up like an ice cream store, with a long counter arranged with different types of cookie dough, as well as topping and cones (the cones are not vegan, BTW). Their vegan flavor is a classic take on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. You can choose to purchase it in pre-packaged miniature mason jars, or get it by the scoop. I highly recommend getting scoops and adding sprinkles and Oreos on top for a delicious treat!

BONUS: With the holidays coming up, you can order it online and have it shipped nationwide to your friends and family!

3. Georgetown Cupcake

Sara Shelton

Georgetown Cupcake is famous for its delectable and Instagram-able buttercream frosted cupcakes. I had always assumed a vegan buttercream frosting could not be pulled off, but alas, they pulled through for us! They have a daily vegan cupcake flavor, which alternates between Vegan Apple Cinnamon and Vegan Carrot. I usually go for the Apple Cinnamon because the flavor is really unique: it tastes like Kellogg's Apple Jacks Cereal combined with Apple Cider. It's nostalgically delicious!

BONUS: Don't live in D.C.? Don't worry: They also have locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston!