Although their menu staples are amazing, the market specials at by Chloe, the well known and beloved vegan chain, deserve the same level of appreciation.

I usually get the Guac Burger or some Mac 'N Cheese when I go to by Chloe, but when I went to by Chloe right before Thanksgiving I made sure to try at least one special. 

Hannah Glickenhaus

The special that I tried was the "Gobble Gobble Burger"—a sandwich composed of lemon pepper seitan, sauteed kale, rosemary gravy, harvest stuffing, and fresh cranberry sauce, all served in a potato bun.

Although it was a little messy, it was remarkable how much it tasted like a Thanksgiving dinner. Being pescatarian, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get that nostalgic taste of turkey and stuffing this year, but with the Gobble Gobble Burger I got that flavor in each bite. 

After that experience I was shocked that I had never paid attention to the by Chloe specials before, and made sure to keep and eye out for what was going to be offered in December. And I was not disappointed.

This December by Chloe is offering a wide range of foods—from holiday favorites to winter-inspired spins on tried and true favorites. One dish that I'm particularly excited about is their latkes, which will be available all month long and consist of potato, flax seed, applesauce, and tofu sour cream. 

Another drool-worthy addition to the Winter Market Specials menu is winter-inspired Daily Pancake. Described as a "crunchy cinnamon roll" this pancake is topped with vanilla icing, whipped maple butter, and real maple syrup, making it the ultimate comfort food for breakfast this winter. 

On the lighter side of things, by Chloe is also serving up smashed avocado toast with a winter spin. With the addition of roasted kale, sliced orange, pomegranate seeds, and almond parmesan, this smashed avocado toast is something that you will definitely see on your Instagram feed.

Make sure to check out these dishes (and some more amazing options off the Winter Market Specials menu!) this season, because I know I will.