With vegan food on the rise, there’s no reason not to try it. Although most vegan places seem to be the same, this one place is the exception. A 100% vegan place in New York City known as by Chloe has come to save the day with its own spin on vegan food. With most things costing under $10, this place is a must-visit. Here are some things to eat and drink at your by Chloe visit.

1. Air-Baked French Fries

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @veganfoodadventure on Instagram

Say goodbye to your favorite french fries from a fast food chain. These air-baked French fries will leave you wanting to eat the restaurant’s entire inventory of fries in one sitting. There is no need to question, especially when it only costs $3.95.

2. Air-Baked Sweet Potato Fries

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @activelii on Instagram

Not a fan of regular French fries? No problem. These air-baked sweet potato fries serve as an alternative when you still want fries. Along with the regular air-baked fries, an order only costs $3.95, making it acceptable to order them more than once within the same visit.

3. Smashed Avocado Toast

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @jenn_nesaisquoi on Instagram

Within the past few months, avocado toast has become widely popular. Due to its popularity, new variations of this toast are also trending across the nation. By Chloe, however, beats all the other versions. The texture of the toast is kind of dense, but it goes well with the lightness of the flavors from the avocado. At $7.95 a serving, you cannot go wrong with trying this avocado toast out.

4. Quinoa Taco Salad

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @hot_gay_mess_ on Instagram

By Chloe’s quinoa taco salad is one of the everyone’s favorites. The flavors are so bold and mouthwatering that you’re bound to forget that this salad is vegan in the first place. The freshness of the ingredients in this salad is absolutely amazing, which makes this salad super easy to eat in one sitting. With the price of $10.95, it’s no wonder why so many people rave about this salad.

5. The Guac Burger

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @newyorkmylove on Instagram

All hail the guac burger. It becomes more refreshing and delicious with each bite. Maybe it’s because of the toppings on it. The flavors go super well with one another and don’t overpower each another, which makes each bite super pleasant. With each burger costing $9.95, I highly encourage for first-timers to try this one.

6. Mac ‘n Cheese

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @harrison_nyc on Instagram

This mac ‘n cheese proves to be love at first bite. I keep falling in love with this dish after each bite. This is the kind of mac ‘n cheese I wish I could have every day. It’s super creamy and made at just the right temperature, so you’re able to eat this without having to burn your tongue along the way. With each serving costing $4.95 for a small or $8.95 for a large, you cannot go wrong with trying it out (or you can make it at home anytime).

7. Cupcakes

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @hungrypoohnyc on Instagram

Never have I ever had such amazing cupcakes until I tried these. If I could have these cupcakes all day long, I absolutely would. These cupcakes are a must-try due to their creaminess. They’re not too sweet, which is great if you don’t like things that are super sweet. With each cupcake costing $3.50, they are worth the price and the indulgence.

8. Cookies

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @veganeastsider on Instagram

Out of all of the cookies that I have consumed in my life, these chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies that I have ever eaten, and that’s saying a lot. The consistency of them is absolutely amazing, and it’s made to enhance the flavor of the cookie. With each bite, the flavor pops – which makes you want to eat these cookies all day long with no interruptions. With each cookie costing $2.50, these cookies are a safe indulgence that will not leave you broke.

9. Matcha Lemonade and Coffee/Tea

by chloe

Photo courtesy of @designbyaikonik on Instagram

At by Chloe, all of their beverages are amazing. Their matcha lemonade is the way to go on a warmer day while their tea and coffee both serve as a good alternative on colder days. If you like something that’s refreshing without a super bold taste, these drinks will be the way to go to quench your thirst.