Whether you're interested in a quick bite to eat or you want a place to relax and dine-in, The Roadhouse is the right choice. Eating pizza has never been better than when you're at Roadhouse, where there are stellar views and most importantly, delicious pizza.  


pizza, wine, tea, beer, coffee
Emily Sauchelli

After a trip to Tanger Outlets out in Riverhead, my family and I stumbled upon this barn-like pizzeria and we've been coming to The Roadhouse ever since. This is a hidden gem, as it's located off the beaten path where you wouldn't expect to find such a place. 


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Emily Sauchelli

Situated along the Peconic River, The Roadhouse has a unique ambiance which makes customers want to come back over and over again. 


tea, beer, pizza, grass
Emily Sauchelli

Picnic benches are placed by the river, where there are ducks and geese swimming along the path. On nice days, people will kayak or canoe on the Peconic River and pass by as you dine. Boaters even have the option to dock at the edge and stop in for a quick bite to eat.


wine, beer, coffee, tea
Emily Sauchelli

The atmosphere of The Roadhouse is very casual, but outside the box. License plates border the walls and give the pizzeria an 'old town' vibe.  


mozzarella, cheese, crust, pizza
Emily Sauchelli

The amount of variety at Roadhouse is what makes it such a great place to come back to. With a ton of different combinations of pizza, the options can be quite quirky. Some of the most colorful combinations include the bacon cheeseburger, chicken balsamic, chicken and spinach alfredo, and chicken cheddar bacon ranch. What makes the food so great is how fresh it is. Besides pizza, Roadhouse has many other meals including different kinds of pasta, wraps, heroes, and salads. 


My favorite type of pizza at The Roadhouse is the chicken parmigiana slice. Layers of chicken with ricotta and mozzarella cheese are covered in a hearty tomato sauce, making this slice absolutely amazing. All it takes is one slice to make me feel full. 

chicken, cheese, bacon, sauce, pizza
Emily Sauchelli


For those who don't have an extravagant budget to spend on dining out—don't worry, Roadhouse is quite affordable. The price of a specialty slice is less than $10 so it doesn't break the bank, perfect for families and college students. 

Although The Roadhouse is situated off the beaten path, there is so much to see around the neighboring areas of Riverhead, Calverton, Baiting Hollow, Jamesport, and Mattituck. Get in your car and start driving, you never know what you'll find!