There are two types of people in this world: people who love pizza, and liars. Luckily, if you fall into the former group, the Museum of Pizza has got you covered. According to their website, the MoPi is branding itself as "the world's first and only immersive art experience celebrating pizza." The group behind this art experience, the Nameless Network, promises that the Museum of Pizza will work all five senses. Umm, yes please. 

What is MoPi?

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Emily Waples

If you were lucky enough to hit up the Museum of Ice Cream when it was in New York during summer 2016, you'll know that these kinds of experiences are unforgettable. And when the Museum of Pizza comes to New York this October, die-hard foodies can expect a similar experience. You might leave smelling a little more like cheese and tomato sauce than sugar cones and sprinkles, but I think you can live with that, right?

What Can I Do There?

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Yasmeen Aboulhawa

So, what exactly is the Museum of Pizza offering to all of its patrons? While the final exhibits are still tightly under wraps—or should we say, in the box—the official website lists such attractions as an artists' gallery, a pizza cave, pizza fun house, and even a "Pizza Zen" ASMR experience. What could be more relaxing than being surrounded by the number-one takeout meal? But for some reason, if none of that interests you, at least think of all the Insta-worthy backdrops you'll be seeing!

So, Why New York?

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Caroline Ingalls

When you think about it, is there any better place to have a Museum of Pizza than New York City? As a born-and-bred Boston girl, I can tell you firsthand, that all of my friends from New York will swear up and down that their pizza is the best. In fact, NYC chains like Famous Famiglia have even flown New York water to Ghana to make "authentic" pizza. TBH, if the Museum of Pizza wasn't in New York, I think there'd be riots.

OMG, How Do I Get There?

So, by all accounts, the Museum of Pizza seems to be the highlight of the upcoming fall season. A nice change of pace from the PSL-obsession that we're all used to. Tickets are currently on sale at the Museum of Pizza website for $35, which includes a slice of pizza courtesy of the museum.

#SpoonTip: Check out MoPi's social media for coupon codes. 

Dates for the Museum of Pizza are from Oct. 13-Oct. 28 (except for Mondays) at 10 am. And while the museum lists its address as a "Secret Location," the website lists the grand opening location at 718 Broadway.

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Amelia Hitchens

In my opinion, you should skip the pricey Broadway show, skip shopping on 5th Ave, and skip a crowded fall day in Central Park. All of us foodies know that New York's star attraction is the food. And the Museum of Pizza just might give us a superstar in the making. But you better hurry–someone else might snatch up the last ticket faster than you can say "save me a slice."