As a UT student, some of the best eats are conveniently located next to campus on Guadalupe Street, with new additions always coming in and older favorites continuously moving out. From fast food chains to flavors unique to only Austin, there are several different restaurants to try.

But not all of these restaurants are as good as they’re hyped up to be. While none of them are worth never trying, these are just a few that you should save your time (and money) on and skip over. 

1. Chipotle

“But Chipotle is my life,” screams every college student who already knows their order by heart. Chipotle still remains queen, but if you ever burn out from the familiar, basic flavor, head down to Cabo Bob's. This restaurant located further down Guad is worth the walk (or drive) because it is the best restaurant on the Drag. Essentially the same idea as Chipotle, the thing that makes Cabo Bob’s unique is their homemade tortillas. They also offer a fresh mango pico salsa that adds a burst of flavor to any entree item. Give it a try and you may never go back to Chipotle again. 

2. In-N-Out

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Elisa Djuhar

With the recent opening of In-N-Out on Guad, students seem to have mixed feelings about it. Some are thrilled, and others are wondering why we wasted a good spot on a tasteless restaurant chain. Why couldn't we put a Sonic there instead? Even though the California burger chain has made its way into the heart of Texas, some Texans are unimpressed.  In-N-Out is infamous for their tasteless fries, and their burgers aren’t much better. Most UT students would recommend you pass up this burger joint and walk a bit further down the street, and head straight into Whataburger.

3. Which Wich

When you have three sandwich shops within a few blocks from each other, which do you choose? Not Which Wich. While their variety of options is impressive, and their sandwich-baggy orders are fun to fill out, Which Wich doesn’t compare with the Subway and Potbelly around the corner. Sure, it's different, but Subway has a $6-footlong classic, and Potbelly has better quality sandwiches.

4. Kerbey Lane Cafe

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Famous for their Kerbey queso, Kerbey Lane is the hot spot for late night eats.  Students constantly crowd the cafe for their breakfast food and queso all day, waiting up to an hour during peak meal times. But compared to all the unique breakfast options in Austin, Kerbey Lane is like a glamorized IHOP. Other than their queso, everything at this campus cafe is pretty average. If you’re looking for a cute brunch spot or some good coffee, try Irene’s, Lucky Lab, or the Barley Bean instead.

5. Austin's Pizza

Famous for their unique, local flavor, Austin's Pizza hosts many students who are hungry after a long night out. With its relaxed atmosphere and laid back style, their late hours attract everyone looking for something to fill their empty stomachs. Just be wary that their menu items are more expensive compared to chains like Domino's further up the street. If you're looking for flavorful gourmet pizza options, consider Home Slice on South Congress or Pinthouse Pizza on Burnet.

Next time you go out to eat, consider passing up these crowded hot spots and try something different. Whether you feel adventurous and want to try something completely new, being a student at UT Austin has its perks. The Drag is home to some of the best restaurants in the city, and the food options are endless.