Eating in New York City can be SUPER expensive. As a college student, I don't have all the funds in the world to buy myself and a friend a meal. But fear not, students on budget, I have the answer to your hungry questions... affordable food.

Marymount Manhattan College offers students dining dollar plans that not only work on campus, but at three different restaurants in NYC. This gives students multiple options to treat their hometown friends.

Midnight Bite

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Cecelia DeBroff

For the friends that like to have a late night snack, Midtown Restaurant is the place to be. Open until 2 am, Midtown Restaurant is where all MMC students go to ball out on any type of meal. The classic diner feel could be the best choice for a friend who loves cheesy or Disco fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings. On a side note... the pineapple slices here are surprisingly BANGIN'.

Burger Madness

Olivia Vantuno

On the other hand, friends who like the fancier scene can eat with you at Midnight Express. Midnight is the best location for a friend that LOVES a good burger. The diverse menu offers all different styles of burgers and meat, along with a range of other incredible options. My personal favorite is the veggie burger.

Brunch Brunch Brunch 

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Cecelia DeBroff

The Kitchen Sink is a great place to get brunch and yummy deserts, or to grab some avocado toast or a "Mexican-style" omelette with a friend while gossiping about school. The Kitchen sink also has bomb smoothies—the banana honey one is the best!


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Cecelia DeBroff

All these restaurants are exquisite! The best part of it all... IT'S PRACTICALLY FREE. MMC dining dollars can pay for you and your friend to eat and then explore the city. Each of these spots also deliver to the campus, the dorms, or to any MMC students. All these restaurants have healthy options, allergy-conscious meals, and a large variety of enjoyable options.