Having to look after yourself at university can often feel like a balancing act, and healthy food is usually the first thing people ignore. Many first-year students and even some upper years are unaware of the mosaic of food options the city of Kingston has to offer. 

Although some Kingston staples like the Hoagie House and Chez Piggy still remain, the city of Kingston has undergone somewhat of a food revolution, with new restaurants around every corner, each offering an array of mouth-watering dishes.

Juniper Café is one these hidden gems when it comes to Kingston food and will soon be your go-to place for all your food and study needs. The Juniper is a quaint café located in the Tett Center with cozy indoor seating and a seasonal outdoor patio overlooking Lake Ontario. This Instagram worthy café is full of delicious food items and plenty of freshly baked goods.

Sabrina Leung

Juniper is owned by Epicurious Catering, ensuring you get the finest quality foods around.  When living a busy life at University, it is always important to fuel your body and mind with quality food and nutritious ingredients. 

The Food

Sabrina Leung

Juniper café offers everything from soups, sandwiches, salads and baked goods. The café is also licensed to sell alcohol. With a farm to table initiative, Juniper Café provides customers with the highest quality food they can feel good about. 80% of the food served is local produce, meats and bread from the Kingston area, which supports local farmers.

The Atmosphere

Sabrina Leung

What makes Juniper Café one of the best Kingston food locations is not only the dedication to providing locally grown ingredients but the atmosphere the café provides to all customers. Coming from a big city, I'm always in search of the perfect place to study. Since moving to Kingston I have found my favourite place for a little "me time". For students who are eager to get work done or simply want to go for a lunch with friends, Juniper Café is the perfect fit.

Sabrina Leung

The combination of new and old architecture gives a warm and welcoming feeling while overlooking beautiful Lake Ontario. The smaller café vibe also creates a quiet study environment, where students can cozy up with a cappuccino and work on that paper they meant to start last week.

For those who aren’t as eager to study or just want to catch up with a friend, Juniper offers laptop-free café hours from 11:00-2:00 pm. Juniper café is the perfect place to escape from the business of University and enjoy ethically sources local food, that, of course, tastes delicious. So, the next time you’re looking for a place to eat, study or catch up with friends, don’t forget that Juniper Café is just around the corner.