Mastro's Steakhouse has locations across the United States. If you've been, then you know what I'm talking about when I say it is the best place ever. If you haven't been, then you most likely haven't lived. No really, you seriously need to go.

Whenever I'm on vacation with my family in a city that has a Mastro's, we always stop by. It might even be my favorite restaurant.

Although it can't be found in Texas yet—soon to come—you can find it in various other states in the US. Check out their locations here.

This steakhouse is flat out amazing, like legitimately unreal. No matter what you order, your tastebuds and your tummy are going to be happy, I promise you.

Their steaks are out of this world. Their raw bar is elegant and fresh. Their salmon—which is one of my favorite dishes—is flaked to perfection. 

In addition, they have a million different potatoes that you can order. For example, here are the lobster mashed potatoes. I swear, these potatoes are an explosion of amazing flavor. 

However, these amazing dishes aren't what makes this restaurant stand out. Their main attraction is warm, buttery and melts in your mouth. It's none other than their Warm Butter Cake. There's a reason it made 17 Things to Eat in Malibu Before You Die.

It might clog your arteries if you eat too many, but honestly it's probably worth it. This cake is the perfect treat to finish up your fine dining experience.

It is served on a plate surrounded by fresh strawberries and orange slices, then drizzled with a strawberry sauce. It's topped with a big ole scoop of vanilla ice cream, which complements the cake so nicely.

They also bring you a side dish of homemade whipped cream, which is so good—and I am not usually a fan of whipped cream. When you dig into this cake the inside is warm, moist, and everything you've ever wanted in a dessert. 

Don't feel bad about ordering a lot of these cakes if you fall in love. My family orders around three for the five of us because we all eat so much, especially me. Don't judge.

If you can, make sure you check out this restaurant. Go for a nice dinner with the family, a date night, or when you want to splurge and have a luxurious, food-filled evening. And please—I beg of you—order the Warm Butter Cake.