After one week traveling in Alaska through Girwood, Anchorage, and Denali, I explored the mountains, scenery, and of course - the food. The views in Alaska are incredible, but I argue that the food should also be a factor pulling you in that direction. Here are some restaurants in Alaska that are well worth the trip.

Seven Glaciers (Girwood, Alaska)

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Hannah Skriloff

2,300 feet above sea level, a cable car rides up and down the mountains at the Alyeska Resort in Girwood. Seven Glaciers was rated as one of the best restaurant views in North America.

With local seafood, produce, game, and an incredible wine program, Seven Glaciers is a luxurious culinary experience with a view. Make sure you go early to take in the view and be ready for the pinkest, freshest salmon you will ever see.

Snow City Cafe (Anchorage, Alaska)

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Hannah Skriloff

The notoriously long lines at Snow City Cafe in Anchorage can be seen from blocks away. To save yourself some time, you can also make a reservation online.

With a creative brunch menu, there is something on the menu for everyone. Homemade cinnamon rolls can be found in many restaurants across Alaska and are a must-try. 

Wild Scoops (Anchorage, Alaska)

This handcraft, small-batch, Alaskan glacier ice cream was the best ice cream I had in Alaska. It is much less creamy and sugary than the ice cream I'm used to back home. Besides the classic flavors, the seasonal summer flavors are incredible, including the Mint Brownie and Five-Spice Carrot Cake.

Salmon Bake (Denali Park, Alaska)

The Salmon Bake is a favorite among tourists and locals, offering a rustic experience in the middle of the Denali National Park.

This has been a world famous Denali landmark for over 30 years. Every night there is a different type of entertainment ranging from trivia to club night.  Tip: if you are going on an 8-12 hour bus ride of the national park the next day (I highly recommend it), they offer boxed lunches for a decent price. 

Prospectors (Denali Park, Alaska)

Denali National Park is directly next to a small town with a few places to eat and tourist shops. Prospectors has gourmet pizza with over 30 topping options and over 40 craft beers on tap. I would recommend trying reindeer sausage and elk patties if you are willing to be adventurous. 

Throughout Alaska, oven baked sandwiches were trending on all the gourmet pizza menus. It is basically pizza dough, without sauce and cheese, sandwiched together with any toppings imaginable stuffed in between. 

Moose's Tooth in Anchorage is a similar deal and was recommended by many people, but after trying both I would have to vote for Prospectors. Mountain High Pizza is another top contender. Everyone says New York has the best pizza, but I would beg to differ after this trip.

Overall, the trip to Alaska was an amazing experience, made even better by the restaurant choices. Hopefully this list will help give you some tips when planning your long drives and meals.