Although I cannot call myself an expert on the secret ins and outs of Boston University's campus quite yet one thing is certain: I am trying. I've lived in Boston for only three months but I've been on a personal quest trying to find the best places to study while getting some good food at the same time.

As each week gets tougher, the workload piles up, and each day brings on new distractions, finding where and when to hit study spots on BU's campus is crucial if you want to be studious.

Let's be frank, no one really likes studying or doing tedious homework assignments. That being said, when you need to get your work done, having the incentive of some good study snacks makes studying a little bit easier. Here's where to go if you want to optimize your study experience while also getting some great eats on campus. 

1. Boston University's Communications School Study Lounge

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Chloe Pawloski

When it comes to the Communications School at Boston University, I will always be slightly biased to give it my seal of approval. There is truly nothing like bouncing ideas off other equally as motivated individuals and hearing their life advice.

Opposed to the typical library setting, the study lounge includes comfy oversized couch-like chairs, rounds tables, vending machines, and a vibrant atmosphere. Although not big in size, you need to check out this place if you want a change in the typical study space.

Study snack wise, this place has got you covered. It's equipped with vending machines for a quick snack, or you can almost always venture right outside the building and snag a meal from one of the several food trucks stationed on Comm Ave.

The food trucks offer options ranging from sandwiches, to cupcakes and steaming lattes, which arrive on campus everyday from great local businesses serving up breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The trucks always offer nutritious food at affordable prices, which will help with studying

2. Boston University's Law Library

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Megan Japczyk

The first time I came across Boston University's Law Library, it was a total mistake. There is honestly no reason for me to be in the Law School—I don't take any classes there and I don't know anyone who does. Nevertheless, it happened and now it's one of my favorite study spots on campus. 

Not only is the library huge, but it also sits right outside the School of Law Cafe, which truly looks like a modern food court lounge. With a full-service Starbucks barista bar, signature and custom sandwiches, ready-made meals, a morning yogurt parfait bar, an afternoon salad bar, partnered with spectacular views of the Charles River you can't go wrong. 

When you really need to grind, the Law Library is the place to be because it is dead silent. It's great when you need to get work done by yourself or sit with a group of friends at one of the several long tables, encompassed by floor to ceiling glass windows.

If you rather opt for a more secluded spot, there are multiple little study nooks, private study rooms, and classrooms to choice from in the Law Library, which makes it perfect for all kinds of studying.

3. Boston University's Mugar Memorial Library

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Kellen Gardner

If you want to be more in the "scene" and see other students while getting your study grind on, BU's Mugar Memorial Library is the place to be.

Located right at the center of campus, this library provides resources for study, teaching, and research. Aside from extensive holdings of books, journals, and periodicals, the libraries subscribe to a wealth of online journals, databases, and resources.

This library is housed inside the George Sherman Union, or—as students call it—the GSU, so there are a plethora of options when it comes to study snacks. All you need to do is step outside the library and will instantly be overwhelmed with the number of options there are.

There are 11 restaurants in the GSU, making it a true campus hub where you can gather with friends and be sure everyone will find something to suit their taste. Including options such as Basho Sushi, Pinkberry, Rhett's Diner, and Starbucks, the GSU has plenty of options to fulfill everyone's needs. 

4. Boston University's Pardee Management Library

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Shelby Cohron

Even if you are not a Questrom student this library is the place to be when you need to be surrounded by hard-working, studious individuals. This spot provides resources and services supporting the faculty and students in BU’s Questrom School of Business, but it's a perfect spot for any BU student.

For the most part, you will need to work in silence while studying here however, with two floors of possible study spots, you will find your nook.

When you need to grab a quick bite, Breadwinners is where you need to be. They take care of business with quick-service sandwiches, soups, salads, and pastries baked daily.

Also, when you are in need of a cup of coffee there is a conveniently located Starbucks to give you a caffeine boost. With many places to sit, Breadwinners and Starbucks are also ideal spots to people watch when sitting in the library just doesn't cut it anymore.

The Boston University campus is chock-full of study spots.  As a student, it is important to know where you are best able to complete work to maximize your study time. Having a spot to grab a bite or full meal whilst studying is important in order to fuel your grind session. Hopefully these spots will help fuel your study sessions throughout the year.