Spring break in Cabo is an experience that everyone should indulge in at least once in their life. Luckily for me, I got to travel down to the sunny and balmy city of Cabo San Lucas. A little heads up to anyone planning to go, prepare your livers. Because trust me when I say that it is tequila central down there. It doesn't matter how much you love it or hate it, accept the fact that Jose Cuervo just became your best friend for the next six days. The week you spend in Cabo will be nothing short of all your spring break craziest fantasies. Refer to this list of the best spring break bars in Cabo to ensure that the trip is everything that you hoped for and more. Grab the tanning oil, tie your bikinis tight, and pull out the limes.

Squid Roe

AKA the pinnacle of Cabo night-life. This two-story bar typically houses the best party every night. On the first floor you have plenty of high table tops for those of your friends who enjoy elevated surfaces, while the second floor is typically more packed with you favorite drunk spring-breakers. The second floor also boasts risers around the sides that you and your friends can dance up on while boys all around you buy rounds and rounds of jello shots. Overall, the atmosphere of Squid Roe is what most typical spring breakers envision, so it is definitely worth at least 1-2 visits.

Mango Deck

Obviously the party doesn't just start at night, its Cabo we're talking about. So while the main strip recovers from the horrors that violated its bars the night before, all the spring breakers head over to Mango Deck to keep the momentum going and the tequila flowing. Situated right on the beach, working on your tan in between shots is an added perk. Throughout the day, the bar hosts tons of contests anywhere from who can do the most push-ups, who can jump rope the longest, to who can chug beer the fastest. If you choose to just hang out at your table with a pitcher of margaritas, you can simultaneously pick up gifts to take home to your family since vendors weave in and out through the beach area. Safe to say that no matter what is going on at Mango Deck, you are going to have a good time.

Cabo Wabo

Calling all margarita-lovers, this is your place. In terms of music, usually a live band is playing on stage, so it is definitely a change of pace to most of the clubs that DJ instead. However, while it is a fun place and deserves credit on this list, Cabo Wabo can be a hit or miss for spring breakers because some nights it attracts older crowds that aren't what spring breakers are typically looking for. It's worth checking out simply because when in Cabo, how can you not go to Cabo Wabo? (Even if it is just for the T-shirt).


Right next to Squid Roe on the strip, Mandala is an easy jump if you are looking to club hop at night between the two. Mandala is one of the more popular spring break options, so if you are looking to mingle with other college students or hoping to bump into someone, this is the place to try first. While Squid Roe radiates sketchiness, Mandala has a more modern feel and is much cleaner. The music and drinks are still just as good, but the party is definitely centered towards American 20 year olds. The only thing that can be tricky with Mandala is timing. You obviously don't want to get there too early, but as soon as it picks up, the place becomes slammed and no one that is six tequila shots in already wants to be standing in line. 

Pink Kitty

A much more low-key scene in comparison to some of the other clubs previously mentioned, Pink Kitty still is something to be checked out as possibly a starting point for the night. The bar itself has walls covered with different art, while lit up signs fill the space in between murals. While its not a huge club, the small space makes it a bit more intimate so that you can actually dance with your friends instead of spending the majority of your time scanning the crowd looking for them. If you are looking for a fun, new place to start the night, definitely give Pink Kitty a try.